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With over 15 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Jerome Edelstein has become one of Canada’s top Plastic Surgeons. During this period, many of his patients have experienced a positive transformation with which they are highly pleased. Here are some thank you notes from his former and current patients.

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Message: Dear Dr. Edelstein,

Thank you for such a great job. Everything fits so much better. You and your office were great. Best wishes, Nikki & Mehran April 30, 2013

Message: Dear Dr. Edelstein, Once again, thank you for your remarkable efforts in order to make me my “plastic” self. I mentioned to Louise that I wished I had known you twenty years ago when I started thisantiaging crusade (you were probably a teenager); it would have saved me a few redo surgeries and probably lowered my blood pressure. I remember how frightened I was with the first procedure and how the doctor’s lack fo assurance almost caused me toreneg (vanity dictated otherwise). I am sanguine about all future “nips and tucks” in your skilled and sensitive hands. I look forward to our next “maintenance” appointment. ever so sincerely, Marianne

Message: To: Dr. Edelstein Thank you greatly for the wonderful surgery you performed on me. You have been nothing less than courteous and frienldy. I am extremely satisfied with the way I have been treated adn with the results of the surgery. If asked I would recommend your services to anyone looking into cosmetic surgery Vanessa

Message: Thank you for the amazing work of art, and thank you for changing my life. With love and Respect, Teodora 2007

Message: Dr. Edelstein Thank you for taking such good care of me and for getting rid of that nasty naevus! The nurse who removed by stitches told me that you did such a good job that there will not even be a scar. Thank you for making an uncomfortable experience less distressing and for being such an expert in your profession. Sincerely, Shirley

Message: Dear Dr. Edelstein Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!I now look as good as I feel on the inside! Thanks for making the process easy and comfortable. Best wishes Shelley

Message: Dear Dr. Edelstein Words cannot begin to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all your fine work and exceptional surgical skill. More than this, I am so grateful to have found a true professional who demonstrates warmth, kindness, trustworthiness, and expertise. Your knowledge and experience have not only provided me with beautiful, shapely breasts, but also a renewed outlook that caring individuals such as yourself can and do make a difference especially when helping to make one’s deepest desires a reality.Thank you so very much! Sincerely Rosanna

Message: Jerome, Thank you so much for seeing me so quickly and for covering this procedure. Perhaps my next venture should be a tummy tuck. Thanks so much for everything Renee

Message: Dr Edelstein You have been absolutely terrific. Thanks again

Message: Words can’t express our appreciation. We’re very grateful. Thanks for everything. Olivia and Matt.

Message: Dr Edelstein Thank-you so much for such an incredible job on my new boobs, I am ecstatic!!! Huge thanks to Cathy, Michelle and Tina for all of their help and support! Thank you!! Nicole

Message: To Whom It May Concern: Thank-you for gracing my journey with this exciting opportunity of spiritual, physical, and emotional reconstruction and progression. Thank-you for helping me find a doctor who is as gifted, kind, and open hearted as Dr. Edelstein. May you guide his hands in thoughful artistry and provide him with the energy and inspiration that he needs to work well. As it was the last time, may his sincerity and kindness be reflected in his work, and may his positive energy contribute to a successful process and progress before, during and after surgery. May his genuine light and good nature inspire his staff to be as gentle, courteous, and courageous as he is, and may his verbal and non-vebal guidance calm my n-shama as he actively guides me through this special time in my life. May Dr. Edelstein feel my true appreciation for all that he has done, and all that he will do. May he absorb my thanks and my light in his efforts to give, help, and aid me on my journey. Thank-you for finding Dr. Edelstein a hospital that exudes optimism, success, and provies him with a generous, hard working, interdisciplinary team of professionals. Thank-you to each individual who is and will be contributing to my positive outcome and delicate process. Thank-you for providing me with the means and connnections that connected me with Dr. Edelstein, and may he feel the same sense of respcet, honour, and apride from me, that he so easily hands over to eah and every patient with whom he assists. Please keep us safe guide us well. Thank-you. Most sincerely, Miriam

Message: To a wonderful doctor. Just a little something to say thank-you for your patience and kindness in making me feel comfortable with answering all my questions. Thank you!! Maria

Message: To Dr Jerome Edelstein and Team in office and in OR Thank you all for your very fine professionalism and assistance re: my recent surgery. Regards, Jenny

Message: Dear Dr. Devlin, I recently came to Toronto to have a procedure performed at your hospital. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and couldn’ find a doctor that I liked here in my city, or one that could perform my operation in a timely manner. The doctor I found in Toronto is Dr. Jerome Edelstein. I am writing to let you know what a wonderful set of people you have working in your hospital. First of all, Dr. Edelstein is an amazing doctor. He has a personality that makes you feel at ease, and that you trust everything he is saying to you. I just put myself in his hands and let him do what he had to do. I can’t thank him enough. Second, the nurses were amazing. Two of which stood out as wonderful, caring people that love their work. I could see it in their eyes. I don’t know the name of the first nurse I will tell you about. She was the one that talked to me as my anesthetic was going in…the one that answered my questions before the surgery… and was there when I woke up. I remember her talking to me as I was going to sleep, she was rubbing my head…and telling me to think pleasant thoughts. I thknk she is a wonderful human being. I will have to ask Dr. Edelstein if he knows her name so I can try and get in contact with her, to thank her for everything. The second nurse is Joanie Magee-Slavkin. I can’t say enough about Joanie. She made recovery a very easy/happy place. She too has the heart of an angle. I asked her for her email address, adn the email address of the hospital so I could contact you with my thoughts on my experience there. Joanie is so caring, she has emailed me a few times to check on my progress, and I can tell she is very sincere. I feel that these people deserve a pat on the back…it is note very day that you come across such devoted human beings. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Jay R.

Message: Just a quick note to let you know how very much I appreciate your talent and kindness. Forever thankful. Jacqui

Message: It’s wonderful to have a doctor like you. Henry

Message: Dear Dr. Edelstein, We wanted to truly thank you for a very professional and caring treatment. You made this very stressful procedure a great experience and a good memory. Along with your expertise, we appreciate your kindness and dedication, going into small details as well as always being patient, open minded and smiling. We will surely recommend you to anyone looking for a good surgeon! Warm regards, Dana and her parents.

Message: Knowing I was in the hands of competent people who cared about me made my experience a positive one. A very sincere thank you. Cheryl

Message: Just to say thank you for your excellent service. See you in 10 days to have the 2 sutures out. I recommend you to my friends on the floor and my family drs. Ruth.

Message: Dear Dr. Edelstein, Thank you so much for a succesful surgery. It feels wonderful to have my positive self-esteem back. I appreciated your patience and professionalism. Antonina

Message: Thank you Dr. Edelstein for performing my surgery for me. You have a kind patient way with people which I greatly appreciated. Thank you for your care. Andrea

Message: Hello Dr. Edelstein and wonderful staff! I don’t have the best digital camera but I though you might like to see a couple of photos taken by my daughter last week at…(click image to read more)

Message: Hello Dr. Edelstein, it’s been just about six months since my cohesive gel implants were put in -beginning of June I believe was my surgery. My recovery was very quick, with a short, limited duration of uncomfortableness. Two days on medication, minimal swelling, minimal scarring and feeling pretty much myself, except forarrying around two bricks on my chest, in 5 days. We went under the muscle. It took about a month or so to get used of the weight. I had full sensation in both nipples from the day after surgery and since. Although not feeling quite the same as before surgery, maybe not as sensitive. To date, they are just about back to the way they were before surgery. Although tiring quickly for the first 2 to 3 weeks, I was mindful to take good care of myself and followed massage and recommendations you gave to the letter. I am still massaging once a day though I sometimes skip a day. In the first few days following surgery, I had a couple fo days with infrequent sharp pains then nothing and then again at the month and a half stage I had the same pains for about aweek, but have had nothing since…(click image to read more)

Message: Hi Ladies, I have to say my experience with your office has been undeniably the best experience I have ever had with a Doctor and his assistants…(click image to read more)

Message: Dr. Edelstein & Staff, Thank you so much for being so nice and making my new experience so amazing. I am so happy. Marina

Message: To: Dr. Edelstein (for his cheery smile and caring personality) To:Phyllis (his assistant – for her time and patience) To: Dr. Young (for his kindness in putting the needle right where it didn’t hurt) To: The operating nurse (who put not one, but two warm blankets on me and smiled so sweetly at me) And to all the other operating staff and nurses at Humber River Regional Hospital All you made my operation go smooth and worry free.Thank all of you, Wilma (A little kindness – goes a long way!)

Message: Dr. Edelstein I wish I could find the perfect way to thank you for what you have done. And although the word doesn’t say it enough I want to say it again and again to let you know that my world’s a whole lot happier just because of you! Thanks! Tina, Thanks for all your support, encouragement and reassurance throughout this huge life decision for me. It meant a lot (yours patience!!) Thanks Trish

Message: A gift has been made to Humber River Regional Hospital Foundation by Susie. This donation has been made to celebrate and honour you on the 1st anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery. Thank you so mch for making my life healthy and truly amazing. Sincerely, Susie

Message: Dr. Edelstein & Staff Not much more I can say but you were all fantastic. It’s amazing how something like this can change how you feel about yourself. I will be forever thankful. Thanks again, Shelly

Message: Dear Dr. Edelstein Thank you for a job well done! I look and feel wonderful. You have taken 20 years out of my body. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sincerely Sandra

Message: I appreciate how everyone in the office went above and beyond for me. With this surgery my life will be changed. I will now be more confident and be able to go to Hawaii this winter and for the first time walk on the beach and swim without a shirt on. I cannot wait to see the final result of my surgery. I do not think words are enough but thank you for changing my life! Rob and Shannon

Message: Dr Edelstein Thank you so much for making my surgery such a wonderful experience. Renah

Message: Dr Edelstein & PhyllisThank you for your kindness & care throughout my (pre)surgery (post). You both made it seem easy. Rosie

Message: Dr Edelstein It is indeed a pleasure to wish you a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for helping me to remove the lipoma from my back, and more important, thank you for caring. My cousin, Sam, speaks very highly of you.

Message: You said 75% but you gave us 100% Thank you very very much Dr. Edelstein From mother and daughter team

Message: Dr. Edelstein, Thank you for everything you have done for me. My results are amazing!! You were so meticulous and your professionalism amazed me. As soon as I met you, I knew you were the surgeon for me! Phyllis, thank you for your kindness. All the pre-op arrangements went so smoothly, all because of you. You are the best!! Maryse (from Montreal!)

Message: To Dr Edelstein and Support Staff. Thank you! (For all that you’ve done for me). Sincerely, Maria

Message: Dr Jerome Edelstein A sincere thank you for giving me back my confidence. May God continue to guide and watch over you and all that you do. Many thanks, Jennifer

Message: To the staff of Dr. Edelstein, I just wanted to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you for being so kind and genuine. Continue to bring smiles upon all who pass by you. God bless you all and take care of yourselves. Jennifer

Message: Dearest Dr. Edelstein, Thank you for taking such great care of me. You are the best. I am very very happy with the results and I am extremely grateful for your talent and time you spent on me. Just wanted to say thanks even when I’m so far away. Jamie.

Message: Thinking of you during this festive season. I can’t thank you enough for your care and the excellent results. you are the best. Wishing you health, wealth and happiness. May the new year 2013 bring you tons of laugher, luck and love.

Message: I know it’s not one of those white fuzzy ones…but at least your dog is safe. Thank you. Isabela

Message: Dear Dr. Edelstein, I just wanted to thank you on a job well done on my face. Let’s just say I’ve had bad previous experiences with plastic surgeons but you were great. Oh and you were right, it does look beautiful! Sincerely, Guiseppina

Message: Dr. Edelstein and the rest of the office Your kindness and true colors shine when helping others and did your colors shine so bright! With the best huggs ever. Thnx Jane

Message: To a wonderful doctor whom has gone beyond to see things right. Whom has gone beyond to show how much he cares. I know there are few like you Dr. Edelstein. Caring, loving and understanding is some of the big things that makes someone into who they are, someone who stands out, like you. I would always remember you in my prayers. Your patient, Claudia

Message: Thank you for the wonderful care you have give me throughout my procedure. I appreciated the time you took to explain everything and made sure that all of my questions were answered. I was very nervous, but you made me feel at ease before, during and after my surgery. It is obvious that you truly enjoy what you do by the way you care for your patients. Thank you again for making the treatment such a positive experience. Sincerely, Catherine

Message: You are a great doctor. Thank you. Anil

Message: I wanted you to know that your stellar efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thanks for doing a great job each and every day.

Message: My dear friends, I live just a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute drive from the hospital and every time I passed I would thank God that I..(click image to read more)

Message: To Dr. Edelstein Your gentle touch and kind smile, Your knowledge and your understandingPuts me in a very comfortable place…(click image to read more)

Message: Dr. Edelstein and Girls: Great job! Love them. Thank you for all your help and kindness. You are the best! Denise

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