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Coming from a suburban town a little north of Toronto, Alona Fortini’s passion for design and yearning for adventure led her to the heart of the city, where she now serves as one of our dedicated patient care administrators.

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Now, an Urban and Regional Planning graduate from Ryerson University it’s no doubt that she’s here to stay…and make a difference!

Planning is very much about design and architecture and the vision for intersecting both of those elements to community needsAlona Fortini

At Edelstein Cosmetic Alona utilizes her natural affection towards helping patients feel comfortable with their own “design process”.

“Design is about inflicting emotion, no matter what it is. I love being a part of that process here at Edelstein Cosmetic. It’s extremely rewarding being able to see a transformation of self-confidence.”

Out of the office

Having played hockey for seven years, Alona is an avid Leafs fan (Go Leafs Go!). She is a self-professed foodie and recreational cook who loves hosting dinner parties for friends and family. Alona has also volunteered at a retirement home, where she set up socials and took residents for walks.

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Meet Alona Fortini

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