Dr. Andrea Herschorn


Head Of Injectable Treatments

Dr. Andrea Herschorn, MD, CCFP is a cosmetic medical physician who practices in BOTOX® and injectable filler treatments. She has advanced training in issues related to the skin and is the author of several academic papers detailing the complexities of the skin and problems affecting it, many of which have been published in national medical journals such as the Canadian Journal of CME. As such, Dr. Herschorn has profound knowledge regarding the intricacies of the skin and the visible effects of aging, as well as the non-surgical aesthetic medical treatments that have been designed to address complexion issues.

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About Dr. Andrea Herschorn

Dr. Herschorn obtained certification to perform cosmetic and therapeutic injectable treatments following in-depth training programs that focused on the administration of BOTOX® and dermal fillers.
In addition, she regularly attends further programs and courses to enhance her capabilities as a medical injector. This enables her to perform injectable treatments that can effectively resolve your complexion concerns and apply refined techniques that minimize swelling and bruising, two common side effects related to any injection treatment.

As an MD, she has a detailed understanding of the human facial anatomy and muscle structure. For that reason, she is able to target the right muscles to positively affect facial expression and wrinkle reduction. Her staged approach ensures that you maintain a natural look without going too far, achieving subtle changes that contribute to a dramatic improvement.

You’ll find that she’ll help you look like yourself, but better. Your results will enhance the features that you naturally have.
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Meet Dr. Andrea Herschorn

Dr. Herschorn is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto and completed her Family Medicine residency at Queen’s University in Kingston. She also has a degree in psychology, which has helped her “connect” with her patients better.

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Three techniques that set Dr. Herschorn apart

  • Dr. Herschorn applies the Optimized Beauty System, which involves evaluating the treatment area to administer the optimum amount of BOTOX® or filler to achieve a rejuvenated appearance.
  • Dr. Herschorn uses a unique gentle insertion technique for fillers. This involves slowly administering the filler on the insertion stroke to gently push small blood vessels out of the way as the needle penetrates. This results in less bruising and a quicker recovery.
  • Dr. Herschorn uses her understanding of facial anatomy and skin to perform movement tests with your expression to target the correct muscles for BOTOX®. This means that she uses a custom approach for your face and not the standard approach taught to less skilled practitioners. You get a personalized treatment designed for your face and your desired outcome.


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