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Dr. Jerome Edelstein performs every surgical procedure, whether it is cosmetic or complicated reconstructive surgery, with the same dedicated medical team consisting of licensed anesthetists and nurses.

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    Dr. Edelstein has personally known most members of this team for years, and they work with him at the Humber River Hospital as well as our private surgical facility.

    Because Dr. Edelstein has worked with the same medical team for years at reputable plastic surgery clinics, there is a strong sense of trust and understanding that may not exist with a team consisting of members who come and go. As a result, you’ll experience a surgical process at our Toronto clinic that is smoother and more fluid.

    Our nurses

    Our operating room nurses are fully trained registered nurses in good standing with their board.

    Most of our registered nurses have worked closely with our plastic surgeons for several years, so you can be assured of a more dependable, cohesive team.

    We also have a Registered Practical Nurse on staff at our clinic to help you before and after your surgery. As our Patient Care Manager, Heather Hauka has the medical training to help you with basic pre and post-surgery concerns.

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    Registered Nurses

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    Our anesthetists

    A certified anesthetist is always present during surgery. Our anesthetists are exceptionally good at what they do, and have an outstanding record of safety.

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