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highly qualified medical aesthetician

Petra Hughes is a highly qualified medical aesthetician who is well versed in providing you with a treatment plan that works to address your exact needs. Petra is a seasoned professional with more than a decade of experience working with Canada’s top cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

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    When you schedule a consultation, Petra will listen to your concerns while examining your skin and discussing your medical history.
    In addition to serving you at Edelstein Cosmetic, she is an educator who frequently trains and tests other national and international doctors, nurses and aestheticians to achieve optimal results from advanced medical aesthetic technologies, particularly microdermabrasion, chemical peels and those that utilize laser and light energies.
    Her extensive knowledge of skin structure allows her to understand your condition and improvement goals at a deeper level, enabling her to create a customized course of treatment that is designed to achieve your complete satisfaction.

    Fully certified and highly experienced in providing you with expert skincare

    Petra is certified to administer every treatment she performs at Edelstein Cosmetic. Her certification also extends to the administration of pharmaceutical-grade skincare products, including Skin Tx, VivierSkin and Platiné, as qualified by Vivier Pharma, and the complete Biophora product line. In fact, prior to her becoming a medical aesthetician, Petra was a trainer for Biophora.

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    Meet Petra Hughes

    Petra Hughes shows us how to get great skin in one minute a day by using the various products in the Biophora Kit. She talks about different complexion types and skin tones and how they can all benefit from these amazing skin creams.

    Petra Hughes

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    Feedback from one of Petra’s patients

    I was recommended to Petra by a good friend of mine who had nothing but rave reviews on Petra’s work.

    I was desperate to find someone or a clinic that does laser hair removal and as well works with all skin types and skin colours. When my friend told me about Petra, I made an appointment and the rest is history.

    Meeting Petra was like meeting up with a long lost high school friend. I felt so at ease with her, she explained everything to me about my skin type, why the hairs on my chin and neck were growing, what to do to manage it, etc.

    I will not go to anyone else than Petra and that’s the truth! Over the years, we developed a friendship which makes me all giddy to go and see her when I have an appointment.

    Petra is AMAZING in what she does. My skin has been better since I have been seeing her. She knows her work and she’s great at it. She makes her patients feel right at home and her personality makes you like her.

    Every appointment I have, after our session is done, I don’t leave until half an hour later because we end up chit chatting and catching up on each other’s lives. That is why people love her and go to her and would not go to anyone else.

    Even if I had to pay double than what I’m paying now to see her, it’s worth it, her work is fantastic!

    Again Petra is an amazing aesthetician and I would recommend anyone to go to her.

    Warm regards,
    Rhonda J.Edelstein Cosmetic Patient - Rhonda J.


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