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Treat Yourself This Holiday Season With a Breast Augmentation in Toronto

Did you know that the holidays are a populartime for cosmetic surgery? Each year, breast augmentation in Toronto is performed throughout the winter and festive season, making the body goal wishes come true for many women.

Toronto Breast Augmentation Makes Sense In Cold Weather

While we see patients all year round at Edelstein Cosmetic for this breast enhancing surgery, we know that it can be easier to recover in privacy during the cold months. This procedure has people healing rapidly and often back to work in one week; however, depending on your skin and the implants you choose, you could expect to see firm, swollen-looking breasts for a month or two and this is easier to hide under warm clothing layers. When you have implants placed at this time of year, by the time spring and summer roll around with their lighter, revealing clothing- you’ll be well healed and looking fabulous.

Take A Stay-Cation

You’ll need to take a week off work for your breast augmentation. Toronto winter weather is icy and grey, so huddling up indoors with hot chocolate and good movies could be the perfect staycation while you heal. You’ll need to avoid aerobic activity for a few weeks and take care not to lift or strain yourself. Depending on your job, this could mean 7-14 days off. During the festive season, vacations are common,so you’ll be able to take the time you need without alerting coworkers to what you’re doing if you wish to keep your procedure a secret.

While no one likes to miss out on their favourite activities for a few weeks, it is arguably easier to make the sacrifice when the days are shorter, dark, the streets icy and the temperature low. When beach weather hits, you won’t need to miss out on a thing because you had your breast augmentation when it was still snowy out.

You Can Treat Yourself To The Best Present

If you’ve been dreaming of an enhanced figure, or your breasts changed during childbearing, and you want your body to feel sexy and feminine again, why not give yourself a gift of beauty and confidence that will keep benefitting you for years to come? Many people, especially moms, spend the holiday season thinking of what other people want. We believe that’s great, but doing something nice for yourself can be very worthwhile too. After all, you deserve it.

If you need assistance to make covering the cost of your procedure more convenient, we offer medical financing and accept a variety of payment types. When you book a consultation over the holidays, you could have your better breasts in time to reveal a new you this spring. At Edelstein Cosmetic, our plastic surgeons are Royal College certified, and they are experts in beautiful breast enhancement techniques. We welcome you to contact us today and arrange a personal consultation to learn how you can take the next step this holiday season and get what you really want.

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