Butt Implants, Male Breast Reductions Among Top Plastic Surgery Trends

Did you know that plastic surgery is becoming increasingly common in the western world? This is likely thanks to the rapid development of medical technologies which make these procedures more successful, more affordable, and with better results for patients. Thanks to this growth in commonality, plastic surgery is also far more accepted socially than it once was—when your neighbors, coworkers, and more than likely the surgeon you’re working with him or herself have had plastic surgery too, there’s really no reason for it to be stigmatized.

The number of males undergoing plastic surgery has been historically lower than the number of women who opt for these elective procedures, however these numbers are changing rapidly—and the kinds of surgeries that many men are having might come as a surprise to some. In the United States, men are patients for over 40% of breast reduction surgeries, and it appears that men are also becoming more interested in the aesthetic appeal of their behinds. The number of buttock augmentations in the United States reached over 25,000 in 2015, and a substantial portion of these operations were performed on men.

Social Acceptance Leading to Better Opportunities for All

One could argue that the growing acceptance of plastic surgery has been a boon for everyone, regardless of age or gender—after all, cosmetic surgeries and the technology behind them have improved vastly. These kinds of surgeries are more affordable and in many cases substantially safer than they used to be, so it should come as no surprise that more and more people are finally taking advantage of these advancements to achieve the aesthetic outcomes that they’ve always wanted.

However, there’s little doubt that one of the demographics benefiting from these advances and social changes are men. For example, breast reduction is frequently performed on men of younger ages. In many cases, men have undesirable sizes or shapes for their breasts through no fault of their own, and plastic surgery is often the only way to overcome these genetic challenges. Surgery from the best plastic surgeon in Toronto can deeply impact their sense of confidence and allow them to look and feel far better than they would if they had foregone plastic surgery, as has been the case traditionally.

What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reductions, as you might suspect, reduce the size of the breast for both males and females. This is a relatively common and well understood procedure which involves the removal of unneeded fat, tissue, and skin (note that most men don’t need skin removal). These kinds of plastic surgeries are often not so much “cosmetic” as they are necessary, in that very large breasts can cause a variety of health problems, ranging from back pain to spinal issues which can become permanent.

Patients who undergo breast reduction surgery from a top plastic surgeon in Toronto typically do so to reduce the discomfort they experience from having overly large breasts, which is generally the result of genetics. For men, breast reduction (or gynecomastia surgery) can not only resolve health problems but provide them with an aesthetic appeal that is traditionally considered to be more masculine.

What is a Butt Lift? How is it Different Than a Butt Implant?

Butt lifts are cosmetic surgeries which usually involve the transfer of fat which has been harvested from another area in the patient’s body. This fat usually comes from the patient’s back, abdomen or thighs, and is then injected into the buttock area. This creates a natural filler which can lift the buttock and make it appear more full. The offices which offer the best plastic surgery in Toronto generally offer this kind of surgery.

To find the top plastic surgery in Toronto, many patients shop around before getting a butt implant, which differs from a butt lift in that it involves the insertion of a prosthesis behind the skin and tissue of the buttock.




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