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Facial procedures are among the most common kinds of plastic surgery for both men and women. These kinds of procedures have enjoyed an increase in not only social acceptance, but medical advancement as well. On account of these reasons, more people than ever before are choosing to have facial plastic surgery procedures performed by qualified medical professionals.

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Facelifts are generally performed involving small incisions near the temples, ears, and hairline. This allows the surgeon the opportunity to hide any potential scars and be given access to the underlying anatomy of the face so that it can be reshaped and restructured according to the patient’s specifications. These kinds of surgeries are very common for both men and women, and may be accompanied by a neck lift.


Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that aims to reshape and restructure the nose. This can provide the patient with a more aesthetically appealing shape, but rhinoplasty is also often performed for strictly medical purposes, such as correcting difficulty breathing due to a congenital challenge. Some patients will also need rhinoplasty after an accident to return the nose to its original shape, though some patients in these cases opt for aesthetic enhancements as well.

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation procedures typically involve the use of cosmetic injectables, which can range in style from the well-known Botox, to lesser-known procedures that involve the use of naturally occurring components such as those found in the injectable filler Juvederm. A procedure for facial rejuvenation that is quickly gaining in popularity is a fat graft, which involves the harvesting of a patient’s own reserves of fat from the abdomen or thighs, and then injecting it into the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to return fullness to the face.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures for the face. The goal of this surgery is to correct “droopy” eyelids or the skin around the eye, both above and below it. Eyelid surgery can be performed on its own, though it does regularly accompany other common cosmetic surgeries such as face lifts. Patients who receive eyelid surgery may also benefit from facial rejuvenation procedures, as this can help in further reducing the wrinkles that tend to appear near the corners of the eyes as a result of aging. Learn more about this kind of plastic surgery by consulting with the best plastic surgeons in Toronto.

Neck Lifts

Did you know that it’s possible in many cases to have multiple kinds of plastic surgery performed during the same operation? This is something you should discuss with your doctor, but while not technically a facial procedure per se, neck lifts deserve a place in this discussion since they’re very commonly performed alongside a facelift procedure. Neck lifts usually involve the removal of extra skin around the neck, and possibly tightening of the muscles. This can “tighten” the appearance of the neck to reduce wrinkles and loose or sagging skin (sometimes called a “turkey neck”).

If you choose to seek out the top plastic surgery in Toronto for a facelift, you’ll more than likely also discuss the possibility of a neck lift during your initial consultations. If you and your doctor believe that it would be a beneficial choice—as many patients do, since it can provide a more uniform aesthetic rather than simply having a facelift performed by itself—it may be worth considering.

Chin Augmentation

Enlarging the chin has become extremely popular, and is often performed on its own, or in conjunction with a rhinoplasty.  Not only does a chin augmentation change the profile of the face, it also helps tighten a saggy neck !  There are two major ways to augment the chin:  Using an implant, or, an Osseous Genioplasty, where the chin bone is cut and advanced so there is no need for an implant.  Both these procedures are performed at Edelstein Cosmetic, and what is best for a given patient will depend on a number of factors which will be reviewed at the consultation.




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