The Best Toronto Plastic Surgeons To Book Your Consultations With

You’ve finally done it – You have made the decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure and that’s a transformative and life-changing decision, whether you are changing a small, frustrating feature or revitalizing your look completely.  One of the most difficult steps throughout the process is finding the best Toronto plastic surgeon to attend to your aesthetic needs. A fantastic way to help you find the right professional is through scheduling a consultation meeting. In this article, we will highlight some qualities and indicators of a plastic surgeon who is worth your time and money.To begin, let’s quickly discuss what occurs at the initial consultation meeting and why this appointment is so important. Your initial consultation meeting with a plastic surgeon will involve a number of things. You will discuss your appearance goals, your questions or concerns as well as learn about the plastic surgeon’s qualifications, training and experiences. Through this meeting, you can get a sense of the surgeon’s expertise and their ability to help you with your needs. This in-person meeting will be very helpful when seeking the best Toronto plastic surgeon because it helps you predict your level of comfort and trust, and to have important questions answered.

With the rise in popularity in cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, there are a number of healthcare professionals competing for business and offering both consultations and surgeries at discounted prices.  Not all surgeons come with the same training or skill. Here are some tips to help you filter out the most capable and accomplished plastic surgeons to set up a consultation with.

  1. Ask for recommendations from friends, family members and acquaintances: a trusted friend or relative who has had similar plastic surgery procedures is often a great resource for recommendations. They can provide an honest account of the entire process and their partnership with the plastic surgeon. If you do not know anyone, don’t hesitate to ask your family doctor. Healthcare professionals can be familiar with the best plastic surgeons in the area and are happy to offer referrals.
  1. Research and review local plastic surgeons: the internet provides a significant amount of information on the plastic surgeons within your area – simply type into a search engine “Best Toronto Plastic Surgeon” or “Best Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic” to get started. Reading reviews from patients and others available online can help you understand a bit about how each surgeon operates.
  1. Check the qualifications of all potential plastic surgeons: before scheduling a consultation, ensure that the professional you want to meet is legitimately qualified to perform plastic surgery. Often times, there are doctors who consider themselves as cosmetic surgeon, aesthetic surgeon or even aesthetic medicine specialists, but are not actual board-certified plastic surgeons.

These healthcare professionals are able to handle simple procedures, or they may be trained in general surgery; however, specialized plastic surgery procedures are a complex field, requiring expertise and experience that they lack. It is also important to ensure that the candidates are well-trained in your area of concern so that you can count on optimal results. Check with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and/or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.Once you have narrowed down a list of highly-skilled plastic surgeons, it is time to schedule consultation meetings with them. We recommend more than one so that you can compare your experiences and receive lots of input. Be sure to go prepared with a list of questions that you would like to ask your plastic surgeon. The end-goal of the initial consultation appointment is to get on the same page with a great plastic surgeon and start planning the procedure you want.




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