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The Twins are two identical twin sisters, who are been naturally petite, both 5’2″ and weighing a slight 90lbs. Despite this they felt, they have a boy-like bodies.

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How The Twins Enhanced Their Natural Beauty

The Twins got breast implants to give themselves the curves they have always wanted.


The Twins jointly decided to get breast implants so that they could finally have the curves they had always wanted. It’s common for relatives or couples to undergo cosmetic surgery together, whether it be mother and daughter, husband and wife, or, in this case, sisters. However, they were hesitant at first.

“Unfortunately, undergoing cosmetic surgery still carries somewhat of a stigma, especially when you think of breast augmentation. People tend to think of the worst-case scenarios when it comes to breast augmentation–we are all familiar with people in the media who have taken their surgeries to the extreme.”

For this reason, they delved further into the procedure, researching to see if they could achieve the results they wanted.

“We both desired very natural looking results and we were worried that we would end up looking too ‘animated’ if the sizing wasn’t right for our petite frames. We spent months researching sizing in order to set realistic goals prior to the surgery.”

Dimensional breast augmentation helps patients select the most complementary size and shape of breast implants, this is determined by patient expectations and pre-surgery body measurements. This technique creates a more natural-looking improvement that is desirably proportionate. The Twins selected 205CC breast implants.


The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is one that you should make for yourself, and not for someone else. The Twins provide this advice. “Do it for you. Don’t do it to please anyone else–it has to be your decision. Make sure to spend an adequate amount of time researching surgeons and sizing. And for all other petite girls out there, bigger isn’t always better! You can be just as happy with natural looking breasts.”

As recent graduates, The Twins say that they,
“look and feel a lot more like young confident women. We are ready to find our niche in the career world.”

The Twin's - Breast Augmentation Toronto

“We both feel so much more comfortable (and confident!) in our skin. It’s like we were born with these! They are small enough that we can still wear all of our old clothes comfortably. However, we can play them up as well! On special occasions where we desire that extra bit of sass, we can throw on a great bra for a little bit of added ‘boost.'”

Women who are small-framed and with very little of their own breast tissue can get great results.

The best part of having had breast augmentation for The Twins is,

“The best part of undergoing a breast augmentation was our very first bra fitting. (We started at 32A and could get away with going braless.) I remember getting measured and the sales associate who was helping me said ‘Wow, these are GREAT.’ She then proceeded to bring other sales associates over to take a look at them. The looks on their faces when I said, ‘Thanks! They are new!’ was priceless.”

The Twins had only one regrets, “The ONLY thing we would have changed would have been the surgery date. We wish we did this much, much sooner!”

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Breast Augmentation Toronto

Breast Augmentation Toronto

Breast Augmentation Toronto

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