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Creating Beauty to Cure The Soul

True skill is developed by performing the same task many times while striving for ongoing improvements and refinement of your craft. That’s why Dr. Edelstein assembled a super-specialized team of surgeons, nurses, and medical aestheticians. Our practice model for top-level plastic surgery in Toronto was designed to select only the highest quality physicians and medical professionals so we can deliver the highest results to you. Our Toronto cosmetic clinic is in a two-story building on the north side of Fairlawn Avenue, just off Avenue Road. Here, you’ll be able to discuss all of the cosmetic procedures you’re interested in.

About Edelstein Cosmetic

Meet The Surgeons

Meet The Surgeons At Edelstein Cosmetic

  • Dr. Jerome Edelstein

    Over 20 years ago, Edelstein Cosmetic was founded by Dr. Jerome Edelstein, a board-certified plastic surgeon, to help men & women improve their appearance through surgical and non-surgical options. To achieve his vision of offering Toronto the highest standard of medical care with the absolute best results, he has partnered with some of the top surgeons and aestheticians to provide you with the safest and most effective options in cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures.

    Meet Dr. Edelstein

  • Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov

    Dr. Fialkov has extensive subspecialty training in craniofacial Plastic Surgery with surgical skill that is of international acclaim.

    Meet Dr. Fialkov

  • Dr. Christopher Hong

    As an Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Dr. Christopher Hong exclusively specializes in cosmetic facial plastic surgery.

    Meet Dr. Hong

  • Dr. Nayif Alnaif

    Dr. Nayif Alnaif is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast and body aesthetic surgery.

    Meet Dr. Alnaif

Refinement in every stitch

Breast Surgery

Unfortunately, we aren’t all born with our ideal proportions. Breast surgery can provide transformative solutions for women who desire to enhance their appearance or alleviate physical discomfort associated with breast size or shape.

Breast Procedures

Facial Aesthetics

Facial Plastic Surgery


Factors such as gravity, the environment, your lifestyle, and your genetics will begin to become evident as you age. Our Toronto patients can rejuvenate their appearance with our incredibly popular and safe facial surgeries.

Confident Curves

Body Contouring

Confidence in your body’s appearance can be challenging, especially when stubborn fat doesn’t go away with diet and exercise or loose skin masks any muscle definition. With body contouring surgery, our team can help tone, tighten, lift, and enhance your physique.


At Edelstein Cosmetic, we believe the notion that only women can get cosmetic surgery is an antiquated opinion. Male plastic surgery procedures are becoming widely popular options to rejuvenate the face, recontour the body, and treat conditions such as gynecomastia for a boost in self-confidence. 

For The Gents

Male Plastic Surgery


Radiant Transformations Without Surgery

Non-Surgical Concerns

Not every imperfection requires surgery to improve, so you don’t have to worry about invasive treatments when you have skin impurities like acne, facial scarring, redness, or wrinkles. Our team will examine your skin to determine the root of the problem and the best way to treat it for clear, beautiful skin.

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Discover Effortless Beauty

Non-Surgical Treatments

While effective, surgery has a long recovery time and can be expensive, and many people aren’t comfortable with being on an operating table. These are valid concerns, but they don’t prevent you from addressing minor beauty imperfections. At Edelstein Cosmetic, we commit to the same dedicated approach when providing our Non-Surgical options. 

All Non-Surgical Treatments

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