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Get Rid of Spider Veins

You’re affected by reddish facial spots that resemble bruises and/or tiny, visible arteries that take away from your appearance. These broken blood vessels or capillaries are referred to as telangiectasia, or spider veins.

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    How to get rid of spider veins

    Spider vein removal is a nonsurgical treatment that eliminates the appearance of spider veins with advanced technology. Two devices are available: Photofacial IPL and VascuLyse.

    What causes spider veins?

    Telangiectasia is formed when the tiny, delicate arteries just underneath the outermost layer of our skin are damaged, dilated and, eventually, broken. The process is similar to how a bruise forms but, unfortunately, unlike a bruise, these broken blood vessels are unable to shrink back to their normal size after being dilated and don’t repair themselves on their own. Because the capillaries in our face are so delicate, it’s easy to break them through relatively minor damaging experiences like overly exposing the skin to the sun, hot water or pressure. You may also develop broken blood vessels on the face due to general rosacea or as your skin becomes thinner with age.

    If you’re worried about how easy it is to develop telangiectasia, or are concerned with the appearance of broken blood vessels already visible on your face, there is a solution. The British Journal of Dermatology published the study, Treatment of rosacea with intense pulsed light: significant improvement and long-lasting results, wherein researchers treated 34 patients suffering from broken blood vessels with the same Intense Pulsed Light procedures used by Edelstein Cosmetic and found that it “significantly reduces telangiectasia rosacea.” Clinical trials have also found electro-currents to be as effective, technology that our certified medical aesthetician utilizes as an option to laser vein removal.


    Photofacial Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin Rejuvenation is one of the most effective spider vein removal treatments available in the medical aesthetics field. The technology heats the affected areas of your face with a combination of bipolar radio frequency (RF) and broad-spectrum light energies, treating damaged tissue and vessels to stimulate the production of healthy cells that reduce the appearance of broken capillaries. The incredible precision of the FotoFacial IPL system—and its use of sophisticated elōs technology—provides fantastic results without any discomfort or lengthy recovery period. It is a cure for spider veins!

    The ability of IPL treatment to reduce telangiectasia is evident in several studies, including, Dr. A. Forman Taub’s research, Successful treatment of erythematotelangiectatic rosacea with pulsed light and radiofrequency, in which she determined that its use was “effective for the treatment of rosacea” and able to achieve “improvement that was statistically significant”.

    Read more about Fotofacial & IPL

    Eliminate broken capillaries in one to three sessions

    Vascu-Lyse technology, also spelled VascuLyse, relies on the power of electro-currents to promote coagulation within the targeted capillary (“capillary coalysis”) to eliminate it. Patients often experience an immediate improvement, with just one to three short sessions required to achieve optimal results in the treatment of spider veins on their face. Ruby points can also be treated (these are tiny spots on the skin that are bright red). Edelstein Cosmetic offers the New Vascu-Lyse 3G, the most advanced model that has been updated for faster, safer results.

    Are you a candidate?

    Spider vein removal is suitable for healthy men and women who want to eliminate the appearance of broken capillaries without surgery or injection.

    Side effects and risks

    Hypersensitivity to light and redness are the most common side effects of treatment. Rare risks include burns and pigmentation irregularities.

    Call Edelstein Cosmetic at (416) 256-5614 to schedule a complimentary consultation with our skilled and knowledgeable master medical aesthetician, who is ready to help you determine an effective treatment system for your broken blood vessels and spider veins.
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    You’ll talk to our master medical aesthetician to determine whether the treatment is right for you, and which device is most suitable to address your goals.


    You’ll be asked to avoid tanning prior to treatment. Any inflammation or infection in the target area will need to be resolved before undergoing the treatment.

    Your treatment

    The target area is exposed to intense pulsed light or electrocurrents to gently disperse the spider vein.

    Following your treatment

    You’ll experience some sensitivity in the treated area that is considered temporary. Follow the post-treatment care instructions you’ll receive from us to expedite your recovery.

    Your results

    *You may be able to see instant improvement after a single session, although you may need more to achieve your desired results.*

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