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When assessing the level of a person’s attractiveness, we often downplay the way in which the ears contribute

Ear Facts

When we determine a person’s attractiveness, and we find their contour or proportion is amiss, the ears become a focal point and our overall assessment becomes less favourable

If you feel that your ear proportion and contour are fundamental in maintaining a pleasing appearance with which you will feel better, then ear pinning surgery is an option to consider.

How to get a more harmoniously balanced ear shape and size

Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that has been designed to correct a number of aesthetic concerns related to the ears to improve their appearance. It can correct size, shape and projection.

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The importance of ears to beauty

The primary goal of cosmetic ear surgery is to harmonize the proportions of the ears with your face and head. Our craniofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey A. Fialkov, assesses your concern by examining the contours of your ears from all angles, evaluating how they complement each other and contribute to the rest of your appearance. Achieving a pleasing and natural outcome is the consequence of a keen artistic eye, which Dr. Fialkov will augment with advanced surgical skill and a meticulously performed procedure. You’ll most likely be delighted with the outcome of your otoplasty, like his many other patients.
Our appearance is greatly influenced by the position and size of our ears. If one or both of the ears project too far from the sides of our heads, it may not interfere with hearing, but can be visually distracting. While only 1-2% of the population suffers from this condition, it can take an enormous toll on self-esteem.
Overly prominent ears are a genetic condition that typically develops before birth. They’re the result of cartilage growing either improperly or in insufficient amounts while the ears form in the womb. When this occurs one or both of a person’s ears will grow to the side, protruding from the head. The folds of the ears may also become deformed. It’s possible for abnormal folds to correct themselves with time, but, unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur and the problem usually remains unresolved throughout an individual’s life. Some children (30%) are born with normal ears that begin to change in size and shape after they’re three months old. If the ear is repeatedly bent over during activities like breast feeding, its soft cartilage can become deformed.

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For more information about otoplasty and cosmetic ear surgery, call (416) 256-5614 to book your consultation with Dr. Fialkov, a reputed craniofacial plastic surgeon who has been honoured with a number of awards recognizing his work by such professional organizations as The British Association of Plastic Surgeons, The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the University of Toronto Division of Plastic Surgery.

Are you a candidate?

Otoplasty is designed for men and women who are unhappy with the general shape, size or projection of their ears. Children may also be candidates for the surgery. Potential patients should be healthy and have realistic expectations of the surgery.


During the consultation process, you should be sure to ask any questions you have regarding the procedure. This is the best time to express any of your concerns and to get the best possible idea of the level of aesthetic improvement you can expect. The kind of results possible through an ear surgery treatment may be worth the potential risks involved with undergoing surgery. This decision can only be made on a personal basis.


Patients who are careful to follow all pre-surgery instructions drastically increase the likelihood of experiencing a more comfortable surgical experience as well as a quick and easy recovery process. Dr. Fialkov will provide complete details to you before the surgery that you should follow.

Your surgery

Your surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

Cosmetic ear surgery involves surgically removing excess skin and cartilage to reshape and resize the ears. Incisions may be made in the natural creases of your ears to do this. If lobe repair is performed, excess skin may be removed and any tears or holes will be sutured close.

Pinnaplasty, or ear pinning surgery, involves shifting the ears back to their proper position. Dr. Fialkov accomplishes this by creating a small incision behind the ear that allows him to see and manipulate the cartilage folds. From there he is able to either remove or restructure the cartilage. Depending on the approach taken, the ears will be improved by using either internal sutures that change the contour of the ears and bring them against the side of the head or by weakening the cartilage so it can be reshaped. In most cases, the restructured cartilage is kept in its modified place with internal sutures. Once this is done, the operating site is closed with an organic glue or tiny dissolvable stitches. A tiny, hard-to-see scar results.

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