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Many Asian Women are Petite

Not all Asian women are petite, but many are, and because of this, tend to have smaller breasts than women of other ethnicities. In 2011, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that there were 809,939 cosmetic procedures performed on Asians. The second most popular procedure recorded was breast augmentation.

Asian Breast Facts

Desirable Breast Size That Look Natural

While many Asian women wish to change the size and/or shape of their breasts, most do not want a drastic enhancement. We seek to provide the most natural look and feel possible for small Asian breasts by helping you select an implant size/type that will give you the improvement you desire.

We customize surgical techniques to minimize scarring, a concern that you most likely have

Most Asian women tend to leave behind greater/more noticeable scarring as part of the healing process. These scars are often darker or abnormally large (hypertrophic).

Another complication comes with petite patients who naturally have smaller body dimensions, with smaller nipples and less defined infra-mammary folds.

These factors can make breast augmentation more challenging to a surgeon who hasn’t had much experience treating such patients.

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A candidate for an Asian breast augmentation procedure includes:

  • Women that would like larger breasts
  • Correcting asymmetrical breasts
  • Lost breast size due to pregnancy, weight loss or breast feeding
  • Filling out a swimsuit or bikini
  • A slight amount of breast drooping
  • Volume loss in the breasts.


It is recommended that women have finished breast feeding for 3-4 months prior to consultation to get an accurate idea of their current and future breast size. Realistic expectations before the procedure are also important in feeling happy and satisfied with your results. Speaking with the surgeon and discussing goals and expectations are necessary and important to the success of the procedure.

How to choose breast implant size?

During the consultation the surgeon will take measurements of the patient’s frame to be able to recommend a range of implant sizes that would suit the individual woman’s body. The size or projection is classified from low, to extra full / high profile. The higher the profile, the more the implant sticks out.


Lower profile implants are typically recommended to women with wider chests and medium / higher profile implants suit women with narrower chests.


Patients are also encouraged to bring in pictures of their expected look, review the clinic’s before and after photos, and try on implant sizers at the clinic. These are ways to work with the surgeon to achieve the look you want from your Asian breast augmentation procedure.


Does the breast implant go over or under the muscle?

For many women, under the muscle is the preferred placement because it results in a more natural look and feel. There are also additional benefits to placing the implant under the muscle such as the ability to get a better mammogram test, less risk of capsular contracture (excessive scar forming around the implant causing it to look unnatural), and the muscle can prevent breast drooping because it holds the implant in place and discourages the skin from being pulled down.

What to think about


What is the difference between silicone and saline breast implants?

The first important issue women have to consider before their Asian breast augmentation is the choice between silicone and saline breast implants.

Each type of implant has its own set of advantages and benefits, and some types of implants are better suited to the individual patient better than others.

Implant Differences

Each type of implant has its own set of advantages and benefits, and some types of implants are better suited to the individual patient better than others.


Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel and have a natural “fleshy feel”. They require a slightly longer incision and are more expensive but also have a much less chance of rippling.

The silicone implant family includes two types of implants: moderately cohesive implants and highly cohesive implants. The cohesive types of silicone implants are often called “Gummy Bear Implants”. The highly cohesive type of silicone does not flow within the implant shell or ever leak, even if the shell were to ever become damaged. The highly cohesive silicone implant is usually manufactured in a teardrop, or anatomical shape. It is slightly firmer and moves less naturally than moderately cohesive silicone implants, which are round and are the most commonly used at this time.


Saline Breast Implants

The saline breast implants are filled with IV fluids. They require a smaller incision than silicone gel implants, and cost less. They have more chance of rippling in patients that are very thin and some women believe they do not feel as natural as silicone implants. The newest type of saline implant is called the ‘Ideal Implant’ and has been manufactured to behave more like a silicone implant, with a better feel and less rippling


Implant Details

Regardless of the implant a woman selects for her Asian breast augmentation there is always a risk of deflation, though this risk is relatively low at 1% being replaced per year. All implants have a lifespan of 15-20 years and a replacement warranty. During the consultation the surgeon will discuss the different types of implants, their advantages and also help choose between the main manufacturers of breast implants: Mentor and Allergan, which are almost identical.

Placing the implant over the muscle is oftentimes recommended for women who already have mild droopiness because the implant can lift the breast better in this location. Female bodybuilders that pose on stage often choose placing the implant over the muscle. This is called sublandular placement.


There is no difference between a breast augmentation and an Asian breast augmentation procedure but the incision site may be different to minimize scarring on the Asian body, which can appear darker and thicker, due to darker skin.

Thus, the incision can be made in the armpit and in some cases the scar heals so successfully the area does not look scarred at all. Another area to make an incision for Asian breast augmentation is on the areola, which is darker and hides scarring well. This is a better way for the surgeon to gain access to the breast tissue, if the armpit is not an option.

After the surgery

After an Asian breast augmentation most patients experience soreness and tightness in their chest for several days. This is to be expected and pain medication will be prescribed to deal with discomfort within the first 5 days.

Two to three weeks after surgery the patient will re-visit the clinic to have the results of surgery checked. Breast massage is not necessary with our techniques.

Resting and relaxing at home in the following days post-surgery will aid in a fast and full recovery. Strenuous activities should be avoided. It is permissible to lift one’s arms overhead (eg to wash your hair or get a glass from a shelf). It is recommended that the patient initially tolerate clear fluids before resuming a normal, healthy diet.

Settling Period

Finally, the breast fold under the breast is a likely spot for the site of incision if the breast has a bit of droop. This incision will be hidden by the natural lines and contour of the patient’s breast. It also has the lowest risk of capsular contracture.

Many women experience breast implants that appear artificial looking or too high, immediately after their surgery. Some patients experience tightness in their implants for several weeks after surgery. These occurrences can be considered completely normal and these issues can take 4-6 months to settle.

Throughout the process of settling the patient will notice that the breasts implants begin to look and feel more natural as the healing and recovery progresses. Patients are always welcome to contact the clinic with any concerns.


After the Asian breast augmentation procedure, the patient will be moved to the recovery room and will be monitored by the clinic’s nurses until she awakens and feels ready to go home. Patients can leave the same day accompanied by a family member or friend.

Patients usually feel comfortable returning to work one week after their procedure if they have a desk-type job. For a more strenuous job, two weeks off work may be necessary. Patients can resume light cardio, leg and abdominal exercises 3 weeks after surgery.

Upper body weight training, yoga, Pilates, martial arts etc., need to wait until 6 weeks with clearance from the surgeon. Follow up appointments will also be scheduled for 2 months and 6 months after surgery.

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