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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Introduction

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a perky “bubble butt.” But why can’t cardio and weight training alone tone the buttocks enough to transform your booty into the one you’ve always wanted? Indeed, exercising regularly helps greatly to firm up your butt, but one of the biggest issues is fat, or the lack of it.

Our boutique plastic surgery practice is located in Midtown Toronto, making it a one-stop shop for liposuction and fat transfer to the butt, helping patients achieve the buttocks of their dreams. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for a Brazilian butt lift from our Toronto practice.

Brazilian Butt Lift- what

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Edelstein Cosmetic specializes in Brazilian Butt Lift procedures in Toronto, ON. 

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to enhance your buttock contour by transferring your own fat from other parts of the body to your butt, giving it a firmer, fuller, rounder appearance.

A butt lift is designed to lift sagging buttocks, allowing for a perkier contour. Our board-certified plastic surgeons employ a variety of surgical techniques tailored to the needs and body type of our patients, as well as the degree of buttock sagging, to provide an optimal aesthetic outcome from a butt lift. They decide on which techniques to use by carefully analyzing the patient’s skin tone and degree of posterior deformity. They will also assess the extent of buttock sagging, looseness, and deflation.

Although the buttocks are an integral part of the body contour, the butt augmentation procedure does not have as long of a history as other body contouring procedures, like breast augmentation. These days, however, butt augmentation is one of the most requested procedures for women in Toronto and North America. 

While a Brazilian butt lift is popular, buttock implants can achieve better results for individuals who do not have as much transferrable fat, like fitness models and weightlifters.

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What Are the Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Patients have sought out Edelstein Cosmetic for the following benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift:

  • Reduce age-related sagging
  • Perkier and firmer buttocks
  • Improved buttock shape

Who Are the Best Candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The best candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift at Edelstein Cosmetic are patients who are in, or willing to travel to, Toronto, ON. These patients typically request Brazilian Butt Lifts due to unhappiness about the size or shape of their butts or are experiencing age-related sagging that requires surgical intervention. 

Please note that the best candidates are relatively healthy and fit, as close as possible to their ideal body weight. Candidates should also have elastic and fairly firm skin that will be able to regain its shape after fat tissue is removed.

Brazilian Butt Lift- first step

Let’s Get Started

What’s the first step?

Please schedule a surgical consultation with Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto, ON, where you may receive the following:

  • An initial consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, not a “patient consultant,” during which you will be able to get the medically sound, trustworthy advice of an expert Brazilian Butt Lift surgeon who has performed surgery on hundreds of patients from around the world, as well as celebrities and socialites.
  • A customized solution to your aesthetic concern, tailored to achieve your unique desires.

What to Expect on the Day of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

At Edelstein Cosmetic, we offer the Brazilian Butt Lift type of buttock enhancement. This technique does require general anesthesia.

With our advanced surgical techniques, there is less blood loss, less unwanted or unintentional tissue damage, and larger areas may be treated than ever before.

During the procedure, your surgeon will first inject a mixture of fluids that work as a local anesthetic and prepare the area for treatment. The mixture includes sterile salt water, which helps with removing fat, a long-acting anesthetic, and epinephrine to constrict blood vessels to reduce blood loss and bruising.

For a Brazilian Butt Lift, your surgeon will make small incisions in the skin and use a small tube (called a cannula) to suction out excess fat from one area of the body and inject it into the buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

We advise rest in the days immediately following a Butt Lift procedure. You may experience swelling and bruising, as well as pain. It may also be necessary to wear a compression garment around areas that have been liposuctioned.

Please be advised that you will not be able to sit or lie down on your butt for at least two weeks. Afterward, you may be able to sit for short periods using a pillow for at least eight weeks.

Most patients typically recover from butt lift surgery around two to three months after their procedure. However, individual patient recoveries will vary. Please consult your surgeon for clearance when resuming regular activities.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Cost

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Toronto, ON?

At Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto, ON, our plastic surgeons, injectors, and medical aestheticians individualize the cost of treatment for you depending on exactly what you need to be done. Every patient is different, and fees are based on the following:

  • The complexity of your case and the type of procedure performed
  • The amount of time it would take to do your procedure

We can only provide a definite quote after you have been seen for your consultation.

A variety of payment options are available, including cash, certified cheque, debit card, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Medicard Finance & Health Smart Financing Co can arrange financing.

Why Choose Edelstein Cosmetic?

At Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto, led by Dr. Edelstein and his esteemed colleagues, our plastic surgeons are members of prestigious organizations such as the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS), American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CAPS), and holding the distinguished designation of Royal College of Surgeons Of Canada (FRCSC). The Edelstein Cosmetic team prioritizes delivering exceptional care and results. Schedule your consultation today to begin your journey towards an enhanced body contour and confidence with ears that you could only have dreamed of.


Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) FAQ’S

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