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Do You Want Firmer, Toned Legs?

After your massive weight loss, the presence of loose and wrinkled excess skin on your thighs has dampened the happiness you want to experience for finally achieving a healthier weight

Thigh Facts

Are you ready rid yourself of hanging folds and bags of wrinkly excess skin?

Your discomfort with the shape of your thighs stops you from truly enjoying your leaner body, and you remain unhappy and dissatisfied with your appearance. Consider a thigh lift to resolve this issue.

How to reshape your legs

A Thigh Lift or Thighplasty removes excess skin and fat on your upper legs to create a leaner, more proportionate look.

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Aside from aesthetic improvement, you may also experience 3 other benefits:

Enhanced mobility and posture: Thighplasty has a positive impact on mobility, since excess skin and fat around the thighs is removed and no longer able to impede movement. From walking to running and playing sports, you’ll be able to move around more easily. You’ll have better posture, too, as being less bottom-heavy means it will be easier to carry yourself.


Fewer to no skin irritations: The constant friction endured by the inner thighs, as well as other areas that are in tight contact with clothing, typically cause the skin to become sore, irritated and even inflamed. Reducing the circumference of the thighs can have a positive effect.


Increased hygiene: You may find it difficult to bathe when there are too many creases and folds in your thigh skin. A thigh lift eliminates these creases and folds, allowing you to more easily reach all of your skin’s surfaces while bathing.


Are you a candidate?

The typical thigh lift patient:

  • Desires a more youthful appearance of their thighs.
  • Focuses on excess, hanging (wrinkles, folds, cellulite) and excess fat, especially in the inner thighs.
  • Wants to rejuvenate their thighs due to aging or after weight loss.


Many people who have experienced massive weight loss (MWL) are troubled by thighs that cannot be reshaped through any amount of exercise or healthy eating. Contouring the thighs is much harder than other areas of the body (such as the upper extremities and midsection), but is not impossible. In order to perform thighplasty, we must take several features of a patient’s body into consideration.

Skin and fat on the thighs covers underlying muscle and skeletal structure. In massive weight loss patients, this tissue hangs in a vertical direction. Even though most of the excess skin and fat from this region develops horizontally, it can also look as if it points downward.



The differing levels of thigh size and shape that patients experience means that we must be able to customize every recontouring procedure to suit the specific patient.

We begin evaluating each patient by assessing the extent and location of excess skin and fat. Your surgeon also tests for any signs of medical issues such as deep vein thrombosis (clots in the legs) or lymphoedema (swelling). If these conditions do exist then thighplasty can’t be safely performed. If horizontal skin needs to be removed as part of a woman’s thighplasty procedure, your surgeon is careful to check the extent of traction between the labia majora (skin lips) of the genital area. Properly judging traction in this area of the body is an essential thighplasty precaution that can help to avoid cosmetic complications such as spreading of the labia majora with the exposure of the labia minora (the inner lips).


You’ll be given exact instructions that tell you how to prepare for your surgery, including what, if any, medications to avoid, limitations on smoking and dietary guidelines. You should ask a family member or friend is to pick you up from your appointment and help you out around the house while you recover as well.

Your surgery

The procedure takes about three hours. General anesthesia is administered.

The form of treatment we offer to patients can be adapted since every person may suffer from a different degree of thigh deformity. Even when a large amount of weight has been lost throughout the rest of the body, some patients may still be troubled by stubborn thigh fat and saggy skin that seems impossible to be rid of. This is of particular concern for women.

When your surgeon begins to recontour the thighs, special attention is paid to the delicate features of the area, most notably the superficial lymphatic structures (a transport system for fluid and immune cells). If the lymphatic structures are injured during a medial thigh lift, it can lead to serious complications.

An incision is placed in a very inconspicuous location in the groin. The procedure involves liposuction of any excess fat in the thighs, then removing a crescent of skin high up in the groin, loosening the tissues below this, and then pulling it up and sewing the edges together. Deep stitches are secured to the ligaments and bone so there is less of a tendency for the skin to fall down. The length of the incision depends on the amount of excess skin. If there is a great deal of excess skin, an incision may need to be made down the inner thigh. Some patients who have experienced massive weight loss may suffer from loose excess skin that can hang down to (or reach below) the knee. In these cases we must incorporate fat removal and redraping as part of the procedure. This allows for a rejuvenated and healthier appearance after treatment is complete.

Following your surgery

Initially, results may be obscured by swelling and bruising but they’ll become apparent once you’ve healed. Swelling is moderate and peaks at four to five days, then disappears rapidly over the next two weeks. Bruising generally fades after two to three weeks.

Dressings cover the incisions and you’ll wear a light compression garment that minimizes swelling and supports the affected tissue while you recover. There is usually only moderate pain that is easily controlled with medications. Drains are used for several days. These are soft, plastic tubes that are comfortable and removed without excess pain.

  1. You can go home after several hours but it is usually more comfortable to stay overnight.
  2. You can shower on the third or fourth day after surgery (we will let you know).
  3. You should take it very easy the first two weeks after surgery. You can resume most activities usually by three weeks.
  4. Any stitches are removed at ten to fourteen days.
  5. Expect to be off of work for two weeks, but you will be able to be up and move around.
  6. During the healing process, you should be sure to call us if you notice any unusual pains or issues like shortness of breath.The scar has a tendency to heal slightly wide and dark, but there usually is some improvement over time.

Your results

Most patients will see full results developing after several months, as you develop a natural and presentable appearance that just gets better over the next three to six months. You’ll have a tightened, lifted, and flattened contour to the inner thighs and feel more confident and comfortable in clothing, especially sportswear and jeans.

Your results will improve your quality of life and look better than if you hadn’t had the procedure done. If there is continued sagging or weight loss, then a second touch up procedure can help.


Though thigh lift surgery is a safe procedure, your surgeon will explain all of the potential risks before you decide to go forward with surgery. Possible risks include infection, fluid accumulation, unfavourable scarring, bleeding, poor healing, skin loss and/or discolouration, numbness and several other complications that may require further surgery to address.

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