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    Imagine a complexion free of spots and blotches

    Our industry-leading medical aesthetician is ready to help you to make this reality with advanced medical solutions that have been scientifically proven, repeatedly, to treat hyperpigmentation and achieve a noticeable improvement in the tone of your complexion.

    How to get rid of dark spots, blotches and other pigmentation irregularities

    Your customized hyperpigmentation treatment involves non-surgical aesthetic medical technology to refresh your skin at the cellular level. Choose from laser, intense pulsed light, microneedling and medical grade skincare.

    Experience the beauty of clearer, more even toned skin with tried and tested solutions

    For some hyperpigmentation sufferers the use of medical grade skin lightening products and even makeup (like concealer and foundation) may be enough as a pigmentation treatment to even the complexion and cover darkened skin. Laser skin treatments and microneedling can reduce UV-induced hyperpigmentation and remove dark spots by carefully removing the topmost, damaged layer of skin and allowing new, healthy skin to grow. Medical grade chemical peels can also be a suitable melasma treatment.

    Syneron eMax elōs Laser System

    Syneron eMax elōs Laser System treatment safely and easily resolves facial pigmentation issues, namely hyperpigmentation. Sophisticated laser systems target the skin tissue causing your pigmentation, addressing the source of the problem by stimulating natural biological processes that work to correct the issue and revitalize your skin.

    Your safety is our utmost priority. Syneron eMax uses incredibly precise elōs technology to affect only the treatment area, causing no harm to the surrounding tissue with minimal discomfort and a speedy recovery. Risks are very rare, related to a “major complication rate of less than 1%” according to the study, Enhanced Full-Face Skin Rejuvenation Using Synchronous Intense Pulsed Optical and Conducted Bipolar Radio frequency Energy (ELOS): Introducing Selective Radiophotothermolysis[1], published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

    The most common forms of Syneron eMax treatment for pigmentation problems are the following:

    FotoFacial IPL Skin Rejuvenation, a system that combines bipolar radio frequency (RF) and broad-spectrum light energies to heat targeted areas. FotoFacial IPL, or photofacial rejuvenation, is directed at the veins and tissue causing irregular pigmentation and works to allow the skin to correct these problems on a cellular basis. If you suffer from pigmentation issues related to rosacea, sun damage, age spots or scarring, FotoFacial IPL may be suitable for you. The study in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, Full-face photorejuvenation of photodamaged skin by intense pulsed light with integrated contact cooling: initial experiences in Asian patients[2], conducted in-depth research into laser treatment, determining that this type of technology “can be the basis for safe and effective skin rejuvenation” after studying its effects on a sample group of 73 patients.

    Sublative Rejuvenation involves treating hyperpigmentation with fractionated RF energy. The RF energy works deep beneath the skin, stimulating collagen production and cell regrowth in order to help you restore your appearance. Sublative Rejuvenation is capable of treating pigmentation issues caused primarily by sun damage.

    Triniti brings three forms of skin improvement treatment into a single procedure, giving you relief from pigmentation issues like uneven skin tone or colouring, age spots, spider veins and sun damage. You’ll most likely have smoother, firmer skin, too, because this hyperpigmentation treatment has also been designed to address laxity and reduce wrinkles. The Triniti procedure involves FotoFacial IPL, ReFirme and Matrix IR Fractional to give you satisfying pigmentation correction and rejuvenated skin.

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    Therapeutic skin peels

    *Skin peels, or chemical peels, are a great option if you want to minimize the appearance of dark spots. The 2003 study, The therapeutic value of glycolic acid peels in dermatology[3], published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology tested the use of the same type of peels used by Edelstein Cosmetic on a group 41 patients, concluding that the treatment was effective in providing results for pigmentation issues such as “superficial scarring and melasma (a form of hyperpigmentation).”*

    You’ll receive an assessment by our experienced medical aesthetician, who will listen to your skin improvement goals so you may determine the right treatment—and the results you’re looking for. Peels may contain glycolic acid, kojic acid, azelaic acid and other therapeutic ingredients to treat your skin pigmentation.

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    Microneedling technology

    Used by celebrities to keep their skin picture-perfect, The eDermastamp® is a micro-needling, all natural treatment that promotes cell regeneration, boosting collagen and elastin production to replace old, damaged skin. The proliferation of new capillaries also occurs to address irregular pigmentation, which restores the colour of affected skin to a healthier shade.

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    Medical grade skincare

    Skin Tx offers you the convenience of a customized regimen targeting your pigmentation concerns that you can follow at home. With pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in formulations that have been approved by dermatologists, Skin Tx lightens dark spots to help your skin become clearer and more even-toned while at the same time improving its overall health. Products and treatment kits have been designed to achieve visible results relatively quickly for all skin types.

    Products may also be recommended as a complement to your in-clinic aesthetic hyperpigmentation treatment. Using prescribed Skin Tx products typically allows you to see favourable results faster.

    Read more about Medical Grade Skin Care

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    * Journal Citation


    Non-surgical Treatments

    Petra Hughes, our master medical aesthetician, shows us how to get great skin in one minute a day by using the various products in the Biophora Kit. She talks about different complexion types and skin tones and how they can all benefit from these amazing skin creams.

    What is hyperpigmentation?

    Hyperpigmentation is when the skin is abnormally dark in one area, contrasting with the lightness of the surrounding unaffected skin. These dark, discoloured spots can range greatly in size from tiny dots (like freckles) to large patches (melasma).

    What causes hyperpigmentation?

    Hyperpigmentation occurs as a result of overactive melanin production. Our skin cells contain melanocytes which absorb ultraviolet (UV) rays during sun exposure and create melanin. Since melanin is responsible for darkening the skin, areas of the skin containing too many—or hyperactive—melanocytes will overproduce melanin and darken the affected skin. It’s harmless, but often unsightly. Hyperpigmentation is common, affecting nearly everyone to some degree. Individuals with fair skin are more likely to develop hyperpigmentation than those with darker skin tones.

    Hyperpigmentation caused by the sun or UV

    Exposure to the sun’s UV rays causes melanin production naturally. When melanin is produced evenly it creates a tan, but overproduction in certain areas of the skin causes hyperpigmentation, or “sun spots”. Chronic overexposure to the sun (or failing to properly protect oneself from UV rays) drastically increases the risk spots and blotches. Tanning also increases the likelihood of developing the condition. Common forms of sun-induced or UV-induced hyperpigmentation (like age or liver spots) become more noticeable with age.

    Hyperpigmentation caused by hormones

    It is mostly women whose estrogen and progesterone levels have been altered by birth control or pregnancy who experience melasma, hormone-induced hyperpigmentation. Melasma appears as large, patchy brown areas on the face (usually the forehead, temples and cheeks) or as lentigines (age/liver spots) that form on the back of the hands or face. Pregnant women with this type of hyperpigmentation, known specifically as chloasma or pregnancy mask, may also experience abdominal discolouration.

    Hyperpigmentation as a result of inflammation (PIH)

    When the skin becomes inflamed due to injuries or inflammatory conditions (such as acne or lupus), it naturally responds to the trauma by producing more melanin. This is very common for patients with acne scars. Once inflammation has subsided, the excess melanin produced results in new, darker skin. This condition is called postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (or PIH). It may also be caused by overly aggressive intense pulsed light (IPL),  chemical peel treatments and unsuitable skin care routines.

    The most severe forms of hyperpigmented skin develop in those who frequently expose their skin to the sun and don’t practice proper skin care. Applying broad-spectrum sunscreen and wearing of hats or long clothing while outside can help to protect the skin from damage by blocking UV rays. Repeated exposure over time can accelerate the condition, meaning that the elderly present hyperpigmentation more often than younger people. Unfortunately, the fact that the areas of our body most heavily exposed to the sun (the hands, neck and face) are the same ones that show outside of our clothes, hyperpigmentation can lead to self-consciousness.

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    Texture Treatment

    The health of our skin depends on the normalized production of elastin and collagen fibres. These fibres are responsible for our skin’s ability to rebound from natural damage and ward off the formation of wrinkles and textural changes. Many of these negative changes in facial skin texture are caused by a combination of normal aging and environmental damage. You can help your skin rebound from damage, making it smoother and healthier.

    How to get smoother skin

    Your customized texture treatment involves nonsurgical aesthetic medical technology to enhance your skin at the cellular level. Choose from laser, intense pulsed light, microdermabrasion, skin peels and microneedling.

    Reasons why your skin isn’t as smooth as you
    want it to be

    There are a two primary reasons why your skin becomes rougher:

    Photodamage refers to skin damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun. UV (ultraviolet) rays break down the collagen in our skin, accelerating the natural effects of aging, while also interfering with proper elastin production. When the skin is overly exposed to UV radiation, abnormal elastin builds up and creates enzymes that break down and disorganize collagen fibre arrangements. The end result is the appearance of wrinkles and other textural changes that take the form of bumps, scaling, skin thickening and/or thinning as well as “solar scarring”.

    Excessive sun exposure also causes the moisture that our skin needs to produce elastin and collagen to dissipate.

    Lifestyle habits can also lead to undesirable texture changes. Because the health of your skin depends greatly on its ability to retain moisture (the fuel for creating proper elastin and collagen fibres), activities that dry the skin or stop it from receiving or creating adequate moisture can lead to texture changes. These include smoking (which dries the skin and introduces free radical damage that causes skin abnormalities like in cases of UV interference), using tanning beds and failing to nourish dry skin with moisturizers.

    There are many ways to protect your skin going forward, but, if you’ve already noticed that the texture of your skin has changed in negative ways, Edelstein Cosmetic offers treatments that help.

    Contact Edelstein Cosmetic at (416) 256-5614 to schedule your consultation.

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    Liquid Facelift Toronto

    The solution: Edelstein Cosmetic texture improvement treatment

    Syneron eMax elōs Laser System

    The treatment options available through the Syneron eMax elōs Laser System take advantage of sophisticated laser technology to correct texture issues without discomfort or long recovery times. eMax treatment options work by targeting problem areas, destroying damaged tissue and stimulating the production of healthy tissue in its place. Syneron eMax treatments include FotoFacial IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Matrix IR Fractional Skin Treatment and Sublative Rejuvenation.

    Skin peels

    A wide array of peels has been formulated to address nearly any issues with skin texture. Glycolic peels, formulated with potent glycolic acid, provide fast and reliable results. These peels are able to address problems like scarring, wrinkling, and uneven skin texture quickly, painlessly and without any downtime. Glycolic acid penetrates deep into the skin, working to resolve the root causes behind skin abnormalities and leaves you with smooth, healthy skin.

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