Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Is a tummy tuck a miracle slimming system?

Most women & some men want to change something about their appearance, and it’s usually their stomach. Find out how a tummy tuck in Toronto could change your look and your outlook on things

Tummy Tuck Facts

Your stomach area tends to be particularly vulnerable to the effects of weight fluctuations, aging, and for woman, pregnancy

It is not unusual for loose skin, weak muscles and excess fat in the abdominal and waist area to develop more easily than in other areas, and they simply cannot be eliminated as effectively with exercise, a healthy diet, or even pharmaceuticals. To date, tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is the only solution that can achieve the dramatic improvement you desire. Find out more about how a tummy tuck in Toronto would work for you.

The miracle of A TUMMY TUCK

  • Banish the “muffin top”, so you can feel confident wearing pants without worrying about undesirable bulging.
  • Revamp your wardrobe, doing away with clothes that camouflage your figure. Instead, you’ll be able to wear a wider range of clothing, including form-fitting tops, pants and dresses to show off your improved body contour.
  • Eliminate saggy skin that diminishes the desirable effects of your weight loss.
  • Feel much better about yourself, because you know you look good.
  • Have the flatter, firmer stomach you had before pregnancy.
  • Create a cinched-in waist that gives you an hourglass figure.

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How a tummy tuck can help you

Abdominoplasty enables you to remove excess fat and skin as well as tighten the abdominal muscles to achieve a smoother and flatter stomach that has more visible muscular tone, with a more defined waist. The procedure has been designed for you as a way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your body contour, and our patients are often pleasantly surprised by how remarkable their results impact the overall attractiveness of their appearance.


Millions of men and women around the world have benefited from abdominoplasty, because they know that when you feel good about your appearance, you become more confident and are able to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.


Experience the physical and emotional benefits of an aesthetically improved appearance from a tummy tuck procedure in Toronto, as performed by a distinguished surgeon.


You deserve to be comfortable with your body.

The facts

96% of the men and women who had a tummy tuck voted that the procedure was worth it on the popular consumer website Realself.com



Tummy tucks can be performed on candidates of either sex, whether they are young or older. Most of our patients are women who have given birth and wish to restore their abdominal area to look like it did before pregnancy. Candidates for this elective procedure must be relatively healthy and fit, in order to ensure a safe and speedy recovery.

If you are a smoker, you must stop smoking at minimum four weeks before the surgery, and should not continue smoking after the procedure for another four weeks.

Abdominoplasty can correct excess or loose skin on the stomach, stretch marks on the abdomen, and lax, weak, or separated abdominal muscles. Those who have experienced significant weight loss, including patients who have had bariatric weight loss surgery, make good candidates for this procedure. Weight loss patients can achieve great results by removing excess skin on the abdomen and tightening stomach muscles.



There are a number of important issues to keep in mind when you are considering having an abdominoplasty.

The first is that abdominoplasty is not a weight loss surgery. A balanced diet and exercise are essential to having a healthy weight, and to maintaining the results of your tummy tuck surgery in the long term. The tissue removed during a tummy tuck procedure usually weighs less than 10lbs.

Getting started


At Edelstein Cosmetic, our surgeons perform either a traditional abdominoplasty, mini abdominoplasty, or a specialized less-invasive tummy tuck procedure known as the Floating Abdominoplasty, or FAB procedure. All of our abdominoplasty surgeries are performed with the aim of minimizing scarring, and creating beautiful, natural-looking results for our patients.

Before Your Surgery Begins

Our certified anaesthesiologist will administer general anaesthesia to put you to sleep. This is a safe and effective method to make sure you are not aware of the surgery, and do not feel any pain during the procedure. Liposuction is often performed on the ‘love handles’ before the abdominoplasty begins. For the traditional tummy tuck, once you are completely asleep, the doctor will make a hip-to-hip incision in your lower abdomen, which is located below the bathing suit line.

Surgery details

The incision will be smaller for a mini tummy tuck. Next, the skin and fat tissue is lifted from the abdominal muscles, and your surgeon will carefully stitch the muscles together to ensure a tighter, firmer muscle wall. Then the skin and fatty layer are stretched downwards to cover the incision, and excess skin and tissue are trimmed. Another small incision is made for the newly positioned belly button, which is then brought through and placed in this spot. The scar and navel may be positioned a little higher, per the patient’s preference. Two drainage tubes are inserted into the wound, and additional liposuction will be performed if there is still a significant layer of fatty tissue remaining. Finally, the surgeon will carefully and neatly stitch up the incision, place a dressing on the wound, and put a compression garment on the patient.

Fat & Muscle

Candidates for this procedure should have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30, and preferably less than 25. Patients with higher BMIs are at an increased risk of complications, and the results are not as effective. Moreover, if a patient’s abdomen has too much fat under the muscle layer, then muscle tightening will not produce lasting results.


If you are a woman planning to have children in the future, you should know that a tummy tuck will not interfere with a future pregnancy or affect your baby’s development. However, it is important to note that due to the significant changes your body will go through during pregnancy, your abdominal region may not return to its post-tummy-tuck shape.

FAB tummy tuck

Candidates who have a generally healthy physique but continue to struggle with significantly stretched and weak abdominal muscles, giving them a pregnant appearance, may be good candidates for our advanced FAB tummy tuck procedure, provided they do not have a lot of excess loose skin. Read more about the FAB tummy tuck.


Lastly, it is important to note that smoking and surgery do not mix, as the chemicals from smoking make healing much more difficult after having an abdominoplasty. You will be asked to stop smoking a minimum of four weeks before the procedure, and you should not start smoking again right after your surgery, until your body heals.

What you will need to know

Post Surgery Important Notes

The muscles that are affected during this procedure are your major core muscles that allow you to stand up and sit straight, as well as lift items and twist to the side.

So, for the first few days, your doctor will ask that you not try to stand up straight, rather you will be slightly hunched over. However, after a few days to one week, your muscles and skin will have stretched sufficiently that you should be able to comfortably sit and stand up straight.

Abdominoplasty Recovery

Because the surgery affects this very important muscle group, you should expect to take two to three weeks off work to allow your body and core muscles to recover. During this time, we ask that you avoid any strenuous activities that will put stress on your abdominal muscles.


Post-Operation Instructions

Following all of your surgeon’s post-operation instructions is also essential to a speedy recovery. While the drains are removed about one week after the procedure, you may need to wear the binding garment for a longer period of time, depending on the extent of your tummy tuck procedure.

This means that patients who have undergone a less-invasive mini tummy tuck or FAB procedure may experience slightly less downtime than traditional abdominoplasty patients.

You will receive narcotic pain medication to keep you comfortable for the first two weeks after your procedure, and your discomfort should feel similar to muscle pain that comes after a hard abdominal workout. You should not expect a large amount of bruising, although patients who receive liposuction will see more bruising than those who have only had the incision and excess trimming performed.


Once the abdominoplasty procedure is complete, our clinic staff will move you to a recovery room where you will wake up from the anaesthesia.

Even after you have returned to work, it will take some time until your core muscles and incisions are sufficiently healed to resume your regular exercise routine and other high-impact activities

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