Tips To Calm You Before Surgery

Congratulations, your cosmetic surgery procedure is just a few hours away! After all the researching, planning, discussions, and finally, waiting, you’re now getting ready for your surgery.

Are you feeling a little nervous? Don’t fret – it’s natural to feel a little nervous. However, it’s always best to enter your surgery with a relaxed and confident mindset. Not only is it better for your general state, research has shown that this can actually help contribute to a more successful surgery and recovery!

Here are nine things you can do to calm those nerves during the plastic surgery process.

breath cosmetic surgery tips toronto BREATHE…

Did you know that gentle and controlled breathing can have a dramatic effect on your blood pressure by lowering it up to 20 points? To ease tension, focus your attention on your lower belly, then imagine filling it up with air. Breathe deeply, bringing as much air into your lower belly as you can. Pause a second, then slowly exhale, dropping your chest and emptying your lower belly. Repeat again slowly to avoid getting dizzy.

Stretching Session Tips Before Cosmetic SurgeryREACH FOR THE SKY, AND YOUR TOES

A mini stretching session is a great way to not just keep you limber, but also boosts circulation and relaxes you. Stand up and reach both arms up to the sky, reaching more with your left hand then your right. Repeat. This helps stretch out your sides. Now, with knees slightly bent, slowly bend down toward the floor, letting your upper body hang. Try to touch your toes and hold for a few seconds, then release. The cat stretch is another great one: kneel on all fours and round your back to the ceiling, making sure to drop your head while exhaling. Then inhale and flatten your back, tilting your head slightly back. Repeat.

massage cosmetic surgery tips TorontoPUSH THE RIGHT BUTTONS

Gently but firmly push/massage specific areas on your body and you’ll actually feel that tension melt away. These two pressure points are popular amongst massage therapists and acupuncturists:

– Between your eyes, right at top of your nose where it meets the forehead

– Just below the nail of your middle finger, on the side that’s closest to your thumb

vacation-tips-before-cosmetic-surgery-torontoTAKE A VACATION

You may not have time to take a vacation to a tropical paradise or mountain retreat, but you definitely have the time to imagine it!

Close your eyes and picture yourself in the most peaceful, relaxing environment you can think of, and enjoy.

Dance tips before cosmetic surgery torontoHIT THE DANCE FLOOR

Dancing to your favourite tunes can be a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Let yourself go on the dance floor!

cycling-cosmetic-surgery-tips-torontoWALK, RUN, ROW OR CYCLE

Exercise is a known stress-reliever, but physical activities that are rhythmic like these allow you to steadily focus on something else other than your surgery. Just concentrate on your breathing and the repeated action you’re performing.

see-your-changes-after-cosmetic-surgery-torontoSEE YOURSELF, AFTER YOUR SURGERY

Visualize how you’ll look after surgery, once you’ve recovered. Don’t you love how great you look? Can you picture all of the compliments you’ll receive from your family and friends? This positive thinking is the key to a positive attitude, as nervousness often stems from negativity

cheese-cosmetic-surgery-tips-torontoSAY CHEESE

We all know that our facial expressions indicate what we’re feeling. However, scientific research has found that it can also work the other way. For example, if you smile when you’re feeling down, your fake smile can trick yourself into feeling happy, for real. So, say cheese!


Nervousness often means you have a ton of adrenaline surging through your body, and you need to get rid of some of it to relax. To do this, focus on slowly tensing and clenching each set of muscles in your body, starting with your toes and working your way up until you reach your face and head. Hold for a few seconds, then relax for a bit longer. This technique is called Progressive Relaxation, where you teach your body to relax which makes your mind relax
…And now, you’re ready for surgery!




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