Choosing a Facial Plastic Surgeon in Toronto

Plastic surgery of the face, head and neck is a specialized procedure that not just any plastic surgeon can perform well. The results are highly visible so only the most careful, highly experienced professionals should be considered when this is the type of surgery you need or want.

Fortunately, Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto has two specialists on their team of award winning plastic surgeons.

What makes facial plastic surgery so unique?

Facial plastic surgery is a sub-specialty of plastic surgery because it involves an area of the body that is full of blood vessels and nerves and is, of course, highly visible. Unlike other types of plastic surgery where scars can be concealed, with the face, head and neck, incisions must be made very carefully to avoid leaving unnecessary lines and marks as well as preventing nerve damage that can give the face a frozen look.

Meet the Doctors

In addition to body contouring and breast augmentation, Dr. Kunaal Jindal performs all types of facial plastic surgery. After completing his residency in plastic surgery at the University of Toronto, Dr. Jindal completed an Oculoplastic and Aesthetic Surgery fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia. This extra training allows Dr. Jindal to completely understand the needs and goals of his patients and provide them with aesthetically pleasing, natural looking results. With a strong belief in patient education, Dr. Jindal conducts thorough consultations to discuss the patient’s goals and ensure a satisfying surgical outcome.

Similarly, Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov is an accomplished craniofacial surgeon who meticulously plans each surgery specifically incorporating the patient’s needs and goals. Dr. Fialkov follows through with this precision during surgery as he takes ample time to apply techniques that offer the most effective, least damaging results for an enhanced appearance. His particular style minimizes trauma so that healing occurs faster and the final results are smoother and more natural. Not only is Dr. Fialkov one of the top craniofacial surgeons in Toronto, he is also an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto and offers advanced training to already qualified plastic surgeons from around the world.

The support staff is important, too

The overwhelming success of Edelstein Cosmetic is not only due to the highly skilled surgeons but to the overall attention of a well-trained staff of medical professionals. A fully certified anesthetist and registered nurses are part of the surgical team for each and every procedure. Dedicated administrative personnel make all contact and paper work simple and the facilities where consultations are held along with state of the art surgical and recovery suites are modern, comfortable and offer privacy.

For non-surgical facial treatments, Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto offers two Physicians (not nurses) who are specialists in the injection of BOTOX and facial fillers.  Edelstein Cosmetic also has a fully certified Medical Aesthetician on staff who are specializes in procedures for skin care and appearance enhancement.

The choice is simple

After learning about Edelstein Cosmetic, rated in the top 5 of all cosmetic surgery clinics in Toronto, the choice is clear. With a superior staff, excellent facilities and comparable prices, Edelstein Cosmetic offers you the best results for any type of facial plastic surgery or any other appearance enhancing procedure.




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