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The shape and size of our chins has a greater impact on our overall appearance than most of us would think.

Chin Facts

A chin that doesn’t project far enough will make our faces appear disproportionate and disharmonious as will an overly short or long chin

In the study conducted by surgeons at the Department of Otolaryngology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Vertical Incision Intraoral Silicone Chin Augmentation, it was found that 100% of patients who received an implant to augment their chin were satisfied with their results, both functionally and aesthetically.

How to get better chin definition

Chin augmentation is designed to enhance the contour of your chin with an implant or sliding genioplasty (sliding osteotomy).

Chin augmentation works by correcting disproportionate facial features. Patients who suffer from an unusually small chin (micogenia), excess chin height, a disproportionate lower jaw (mandible) size (retrognathia or prognathia), or jaw or chin asymmetry are all good candidates for the treatment.

Depending on the chin abnormalities and particular goals of the patient, Dr. Fialkov will choose whether to use the sliding genioplasty or implant approach for the surgery. Each technique has its own particular indications and advantages, meaning that the procedure of choice has to be tailored to each individual patient.

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A neck lift or facelift is recommended for addressing tissue laxity in the area of the neck and lower face. This cosmetic surgical procedure repositions and removes excess skin and fat while also tightening lax muscles. The degree of laxity and droop of facial soft tissues is related to aging, sun exposure, smoking and genetics. A major determinant of the extent of this effect as well as of the success of any face or neck lift is the patient’s underlying bone structure, and in the lower face (jawline) and neck area the mandible (chin bone) is that bone. A weak chin will generally result in earlier and more significant lower facial and neck aging. Often patients can undergo genioplasty as an alternative or an adjunct to facelifting to achieve better and more long-lasting results.

Improve Your Appearance

Create A new chin

In recent years, genioplasty has increased in popularity because of its ability to dramatically enhance a patient’s profile, making it more balanced. While younger patients find the treatment beneficial to correct the chin they were born with, other patients undergo the procedure to enhance soft-tissue support and volume lost due to the aging process. However, genioplasty to correct facial aging is only suitable for some patients.

Our skilled craniofacial surgeon can use one of two techniques—sliding genioplasty or chin implant placement—to significantly improve your appearance.

Consult with Dr. Fialkov

For more information about chin surgery, call (416) 256-5614 to book your consultation with Dr. Fialkov, a reputed craniofacial plastic surgeon who has been honoured with a number of awards recognizing his work by such professional organizations as The British Association of Plastic Surgeons, The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the University of Toronto Division of Plastic Surgery.


Sliding Genioplasty vs Implant

Sliding genioplasty uses your own bone to change the shape of your chin. There are numerous advantages to the procedure versus chin implants. The protrusion and shape of your chin can be changes as opposed to just adding move volume with an implant. Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov explains the surgery and the associated risks.


The ideal chin (genioplasty)

There are many ways to change the size and shape of your chin. Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov explains some of the questions you might have regarding chin augmentation surgery.


Chin implant types

Porous Polyethylene implants are a rigid and safer alternative to silicone implants for chin and cheek augmentation. Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov explains the different implant types and the complications that can happen from silicone implants.

Are you a candidate?

Chin augmentation is designed for patients who are unhappy with their chin size, shape or projection and would like to address the issue with surgery. You should be in healthy condition and understand the risks related to your treatment so you can make an informed choice.


Facial cosmetic surgery requires the utmost precision and accuracy in the operating room, with changes measured in millimetres. Reshaping and/or moving the chin to improve facial proportion is no exception. Therefore, in order to better plan for surgery and optimize the predictability of results, Dr. Fialkov has his genioplasty patients assessed cephalometrically by Dr. S. Smith, an orthodontist. This means that you will undergo special x-rays that show your chin position relative to the rest of your facial bones and soft tissues. Dr. Smith uses these x-rays to measure the ideal position of the chin and how far it needs to move forward, backward, up or down to achieve optimum facial proportion. By taking these measurements from x-rays preoperatively, Dr. Fialkov is able to move or augment your chin with maximal precision. This is a unique service that Dr. Fialkov is able to offer because of his expertise in craniofacial surgery.

When compared to photoimaging, this technique yields more accurate results because it is based on precise measurements taken from x-rays of your actual bone structure, which serves as the foundation of your facial contour.*

As a consequence of this process and the resultant predictability of the outcome the satisfaction rate amongst Dr. Fialkov’s patients is extremely high.


You’ll receive a list of care instructions to follow in order to make your surgical experience a safer and more effective one. You may need to stop smoking and drinking, as well as avoid any medications that could promote bleeding (such as Asprin and Advil).

Your surgery

General anesthesia is administered.

Chin implants

*An incision is made and a pocket created in the chin to place the chin implant. In his experience working with patients surviving trauma and complications, Dr. Fialkov has found that affixing the porous polypropylene implant to your bone prevents migration and other related complications. Once the implant is positioned and affixed to your bone, the incision is closed and dressed.*

Sliding genioplasty

*Sliding genioplasty involves making an incision in the chin bone then releasing the bone so that it can be repositioned to achieve the desired result. The bone is secured in place, then the incisions are closed and dressed.*

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