Improving your appearance isn’t just for the ladies

Caring about your appearance isn’t an exclusively female habit. Savvy men know that an attractive appearance helps get them on the fast track to success, in their professional and personal life. *Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person*

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    The impact of better looks is undeniable!

    Research has found that it boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, which in turn allows you to be more optimistic, ambitious, and lead a happier life. Whatever your age, improving your looks with Male Body Contouring is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your life.

    How to get more muscular definition and a buffer look

    A customized treatment plan entailing surgical procedures designed to improve your appearance.

    You may seek male body contouring for a variety of reasons.

    • You dislike your inability to improve the muscular tone on your body and want a solution that is dramatically more effective than exercise and diet.
    • You’re embarrassed about the appearance of your chest and want a flatter, more masculine contour so you can take your shirt off without feeling ashamed.
    • You’ve recently lost a lot of weight and want to get rid of the loose skin and lack of muscular definition in your mid-section.
    • You want to feel more confident in knowing that you look good and are attractive, increasing your success in finding a partner.
    • You want to feel more confident in knowing that you look good and are attractive, increasing your success in finding a partner.

    RRecent studies from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has shown that more men than ever before are seeking self-improvement through cosmetic enhancement procedures.

    *Between 2009 to 2010 alone ASPS research marked a 14 percent increase in men receiving facelifts, an 11 percent increase in ear surgery requests and a 10 percent increase in soft tissue filler procedures. Most men who undergo aesthetic surgery are under the age of 45.*

    So, what cosmetic surgeries are men undergoing most?

    *By volume, the top aesthetic procedures requested by men in 2011 were:

    1. Nose reshaping (62,000 procedures, down by 2% from 2010)

    2. Eyelid surgery (29,000 procedures, down by 9% from 2010)

    3. Liposuction (23,000 procedures, down by 3% from 2010)

    4. Male breast reduction (20,000 procedures, up by 8% from 2010) Also known as gynecomastia treatment, this is performed for different reasons than its female counterpart.

    5. Facelift (11,000 procedures, up by 3% from 2010)*

    The only category of plastic surgery procedure (surgical or minimally invasive) that more men consistently receive than women is hair transplantation.

    Male Body Contouring

    • Male Breast Reduction Surgery Toronto

    Male Body Contouring Toronto

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    Male body contouring procedures

    You’ll undergo one or more of the following cosmetic surgical treatments, each of which has been customized to achieve the results you expect.

    Your first consultation is with a board certified plastic surgeon, rather than a consultant with no certified medical background. This means you’ll be able to get reliable, trustworthy information that is based on extensive training and experience.


    SSubcutaneous fat is often the primary reason many men lack muscular definition—muscles remain hidden underneath unwanted fat that is often resistant to a healthy diet and exercise. Liposuction selectively removes only the fat that thwarts your attempt to achieve the leaner, fitter body profile you want. The procedure can target many areas on your body, including the chest, stomach, sides, arms and back.

    Part of the increase in male cosmetic surgery patients has been the need for plastic surgeons to address specific needs differently than they would for women. As more men seek liposuction treatment, it’s become important for surgeons to recognize the fundamental differences in performing the procedure on men instead of using traditional techniques commonly applied to women (who represent almost 90% of liposuction patients).

    One of the most important differences is that men, unlike women, usually do not seek treatment for upper back and thigh fat but, instead, more often request liposuction to target the waist, abdomen, lower back, breast and neck. Fat collects differently in men and women, meaning that male patients rarely seek liposuction for their upper backs, arms or legs (where fat more commonly collects in women). In many cases these men have a history of fatty waists, abdomens, breasts and/or necks in their family.

    Reducing the male breast is one of the most common requests. This predisposition creates a frustrating situation where men cannot address this with exercise and healthy eating alone, making liposuction an ideal treatment.

    While liposuction is performed in the same manner for both men and women, the makeup of the fatty tissue itself varies between genders. Women typically possess softer and less fibrous adipose tissue than men. This presents greater physical demands for the administering plastic surgeon, but does not lower success rates for male patients who receive liposuction. We commonly employ more powerful liposuction techniques, such as ultrasonic or power-assisted liposuction, in male patients to address these differences.

    High definition liposuction

    Men generally have less body fat than women, and yet also require a higher daily caloric intake. However, they are not excluded from the impact of aging.

    Male Body Contouring Toronto

    Male Body Contouring Patient – Before & After

    Despite paying close attention to personal diet and exercise plans, many men are unable to ward off the toll that advancing age takes on their bodies. Slowing metabolisms and natural aging processes all work to reduce the kind of healthy look that many men value, one that is characterized by visible muscle tone particularly in the chest, arms, stomach and legs.

    We can increase the benefits of any man’s fitness efforts by sculpting the areas they’re actively working to improve. By minimizing the amount of fat around particular muscle groups (the biceps, triceps, pectorals and abdominals) high definition liposuction adds extra definition to the body, enhancing its appearance.

    *High definition liposuction is best suited to healthy individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or lower. This typically includes former athletes, body builders or other patients who have actively worked towards an extremely healthy body throughout their lives. These men have often adhered to strict diets and weight lifting exercises in order to cut down to roughly 5% body fat (the point at which muscle definition becomes very noticeable). Severe food restrictions may make this lifestyle impossible to maintain, which is why high definition liposuction is preferred by these patients. Combined with reasonable eating and continued exercise, the procedure allows men to enjoy a lower body fat percentage without having to devote their already busy lives toward achieving this goal. Patients obtain a sculpted, well defined body, maintaining a healthier body fat percentage. Proper diet and fitness regimens typically leave men within the 12-15% body fat region, which is the same that contouring treatment can achieve, minus the countless hours at the gym and extreme low-calorie diet.*

    *Most men come to Edelstein Cosmetic seeking Toronto liposuction treatment for abdominal fat deposits, love handles, prominent breasts, or the creation of better defined abs. While love handles and excess abdominal weight can respond well to liposuction treatment, we also examine your lifestyle habits. We want to make sure that you exercise, eat properly and cut out excessive alcohol or cigarette consumption to promote greater results.*

    Regardless of whether you have been lax or extremely fastidious in maintaining your appearance, we always work to help our patients have reasonable expectations for what their treatment can accomplish. We encourage every man to look forward to how contouring procedures can improve on the body they already have (not the one they may dream of possessing) in order to discourage unrealistic goals.

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    Male Tummy Tuck

    Most men have a propensity to develop stubborn fat around the mid-section, and aging accelerates its development.

    UUnfortunately, even if dramatic fat reduction occurs in the area, lax skin and muscles may develop, resulting in yet another aesthetic problem. A male tummy tuck removes stubborn fat and loose skin as well as tightens lax muscles to create a defined and chiseled body. You’ll have a better chance of developing a desirable “six pack”.

    Men develop saggy skin, stretch marks and weakened abdominal muscles over time. Often this occurs as a result of frequent or dramatic changes in weight, but can also be caused by natural factors like genetics or the aging process. It is typical for men to see their body fat most apparent around the abdominal area and waist (unlike women, who tend to store their fat in their thighs and buttocks). By the time they reach middle age, this fat becomes more stubborn and cannot be eliminated with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle alone.

    We are able to reduce the size of a protruding belly through a male tummy tuck. The procedure works by removing excess skin from the treatment area. Once the procedure has been completed, an improved abdominal contour becomes visible, with the stubborn excess tissue and skin having been removed. While a tummy tuck does tighten weak abdominal muscles if necessary, unlike women, men rarely require this. The tightening of abdominal muscles that have been weakened and stretched is most often performed on women who have gone through pregnancy and childbirth. Having said that, however, some men do have this part of a traditional tummy tuck performed (men who have experienced massive weight loss or have weakened muscles due to aging).

    By adhering to a healthy lifestyle after recovery, the end result of male abdominoplasty is a flatter, tighter and better-looking stomach with an improved contour. Many men enjoy a substantial boost in their self confidence and self esteem when the benefits of their tummy tuck become apparent.

    Obesity among adults is at an all-time high, with rates substantially higher than just a couple of decades ago. Patients who have achieved the majority of their weight loss goal through exercise and healthy eating may want to receive the treatment as a way to enjoy a kind of “finishing touch” to their hard work.

    A male tummy tuck is best suited for a man who:

    • has found it to be more difficult to lose weight and tone their abdominal area
    • has experienced massive weight loss
    • dislikes the appearance of their mid-section despite following a healthy lifestyle and diet
    • has a genetic predisposition for storing abdominal fat

    Pectoral Implants

    Pec Implant Surgery Page

    Muscular definition in the chest is an admired quality of the male body.

    However, you may find it difficult to develop your pectoral muscles to the level you want, or have found that your muscle mass has reduced as a result of your advancing years. Pectoral implant surgery is a cosmetic procedure that adds the bulk you couldn’t get through strength training alone. By enhancing your chest with pectoral implants, you’ll look more fit and athletic.

    Male breast reduction surgery (gynecomastia treatment)

    Gynecomastia Surgery Page

    IIf you have excess breast tissue that gives you the appearance of having breasts, you’ve experienced the embarrassment that is associated with this feminine body trait. Known as gynecomastia, the abnormal physical condition can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. Male breast reduction surgery removes excess tissue in the chest to achieve a flatter, more defined contour.

    *With more than 1.2 million cosmetic surgical procedures performed on men in 2012 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, are you taking advantage of all that the aesthetic medical field has to offer to boost your career and love life?*

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