Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Through The Ages

Cosmetic Surgery TorontoTEENAGE YEARS

To help teenagers feel more confident with the way they look, there are a few cosmetic enhancement options. One of the most popular is rhinoplasty, a procedure that reshapes the nose for cosmetic reasons. It can also correct a structural problem, such as a deviated septum. Another popular surgical procedure for younger patients is otoplasty, a procedure that reshapes the ears to make them more proportionate.

Less invasive treatments can resolve acne and acne scarring. Depending on the severity of the concern, a variety of skin beautifying medical aesthetic treatments are available. An at-home skincare regimen can also be recommended.

IN YOUR 20‘s Cosmetic Surgery Toronto

By the time you have reached your 20s, you’ll probably start noticing signs of sun damage, spider veins and fine wrinkles. This is a great time to take preventive measures against the developing signs of aging with nonsurgical treatments, such as BOTOX® and microneedling. Deal with these problems now and you’ll find it far easier to deal with them later on.

You may also begin to focus on addressing a specific concern negatively affecting the aesthetics of your body or face. As for surgical procedures, breast augmentation remains one of the most popular for women in this age group.

IN YOUR 30‘sCosmetic Surgery Toronto

In your 30s, the signs of aging will further worsen, becoming more apparent on your face. Fortunately, wrinkles and fine lines can still be effectively treated with nonsurgical methods of rejuvenation with BOTOX® and injectable facial fillers.

Women who want to restore their pre-pregnancy figure can opt for a mommy makeover procedure involving a combination of procedures, typically breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction. This is the time when stubborn fat becomes even more difficult to shed, making body contouring procedures such as liposuction or tummy tuck effective.

IN YOUR 40‘sCosmetic Surgery Toronto in your 40s

During this time, the effects of long term sun exposure, stress and lifestyle habits will all become evident. The visible signs of aging, sagging skin and loss of volume become troublesome, and you’ll most likely find anti-aging treatments to be key in your beauty regimen. To keep you looking younger and energetic, injectable dermal fillers and BOTOX® are popular. A facelift, blepharoplasty or forehead lift are also good options to consider.

A tummy tuck and breast lift can help recontour your body to restore your youthful appearance.

IN YOUR 50‘s AND BEYOND Cosmetic Surgery Toronto in your 40s

Excess skin on the neck, deep wrinkles and other signs of facial aging can be treated with facelift and neck lift procedures. To have a more rested and refreshed appearance, eyelid surgery or brow lift are also effective. Other common procedures for this age group include dermal fillers, BOTOX®, body contouring and breast enhancement surgery. You can look and feel great into your 60s, 70s and beyond if you combine these cosmetic enhancement treatments with a good diet, regular exercise and diligently protect your skin from longterm sun exposure.




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