Top Plastic Surgeries For Men

Did you know that it’s becoming increasingly more common for men to have plastic surgery? Sometimes these kinds of surgeries are medically necessary, but in more and more cases, men are choosing to have elective cosmetic surgery to correct and enhance their aesthetic appeal. If you’d like to receive the best plastic surgery in Toronto, learning more about these common procedures is the first step to discovering how plastic surgery can give you the look and the feel that you’ve always wanted.

Breast Reductions (Gynecomastia)

Breast reduction surgery is very commonly performed on male patients. In fact, research has indicated that in the United States, over 40% of gynecomastia surgeries are performed on men. These surgeries involve the removal of unnecessary fat, tissue, and occasionally skin from the breasts and chest area. Interestingly, these kinds of procedures are commonly performed on younger men who face genetic challenges concerning the size of their breasts—though of course women have them too, to correct the back problems and discomfort commonly associated with breasts that are too large.


Male patients commonly undergo facelift surgery to rejuvenate and restore their facial aesthetics. Did you know that there isn’t a “right age” for plastic surgery? The only prerequisite is that you’re physically healthy enough to undergo surgery. Many men have benefited from facelifts, which are a very common procedure that involves reshaping the underlying anatomy of the face to reduce wrinkles and eliminate the sagging or jowls typically resulting from the natural aging process.


Rhinoplasty is a common cosmetic surgery for men. In many cases it is an elective procedure in order to reshape and enhance the look of the nose, however in some cases—such as after an accident—rhinoplasty will be utilized by men in order to return the nose to its original state. Furthermore, many rhinoplasty surgeries are a medical necessity to correct congenital breathing difficulties. Regardless of your reasoning, working with a top plastic surgeon in Toronto is often the best way to have all of your questions answered.

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is a blanket term which refers to the cosmetic procedures which generally aim to smooth out wrinkles and reduce the “sunken” look that loose skin or a lack of collagen or fat can impose, usually as a result of the natural aging process. These procedures usually involve the use of a cosmetic filling agent, which can range from the use of popular injectables such as Juvederm, or through newer procedures which are growing in popularity, such as fat transplants. The latter of the two procedures involves the harvesting of fat from the patient’s own body, and then transferring it to the face to achieve a wrinkle-free and full appearance.  Botox is also extremely popular, and is an injectable used to decrease wrinkles, most commonly around the eyes and forehead.

Eyelid Surgery

While seeking out the best plastic surgery in Toronto, you might have considered the possibility of having an eyelid surgery performed. Men commonly undergo these procedures to reduce “droopiness” underneath or above one or both eyes. These kinds of surgeries do not have to be performed as standalone operations, and may be accompanied with a face lift as well as a neck lift. To learn more about whether or not you can benefit from an eyelid surgery, consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to have all of your questions answered.


Liposuction is a common procedure for both men and women. This cosmetic surgery involves the removal of fat from an area of the body, typically the stomach, flanks (‘spare tire’) and/or chest. The best candidates are those who are near their ideal body weight, but have these stubborn areas that they can’t get rid of, and have good elasticity of their skin.




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