Current Trends in Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto

People have been using plastic surgery to improve their appearance and increase self-confidence for many years. Traditionally, cosmetic surgery was limited to the rich and famous and resulted in rather dramatic changes. Modern advancements in technology and innovations with different types of surgical and non-surgical procedures have made cosmetic surgery easier for more people to afford and involve less recuperation time.

Medical Aesthetics and Injectables

For many of the current trends in cosmetic enhancement in Toronto, medical aesthetics and injectables provide excellent results with non-surgical treatments.

Lip Enhancement

Lips have become a focal point for the fashion world and injectable fillers are an easy approach to providing the size, shape and volume people want. Both fillers and the body’s own fat can be used to achieve a great look.

Chin and Neck Fat Reduction

Kybella is a popular non-surgical treatment that removes fat in the area below the jaw line. This naturally occurring substance effectively breaks down fat and prevents it from accumulating again, preventing the reappearance of a double chin. Although success can be observed after just two treatments, it can take up to six treatments to achieve the best results.

Non-Surgical Facelift

For the most youthful appearance, many people consider having a face lift. Surgical procedures can be quite intimidating but a new opportunity is available with a Liquid Facelift. In this procedure, a combination of BOTOX AND Injectable Filler (eg Juvederm), is used to smooth skin around the eyes, eliminating crow’s feet and frown lines between the eyebrows. Thinning and sagging areas of the face are plumped, the lips and cheeks become better defined while the jawline is also shaped and contoured.

Acne and Scar Treatment

A good complexion is important for self-confidence and there are numerous treatments available to help clear acne and minimize the damage caused by acne or scars. Medical grade ingredients, microdermabrasion, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments and chemical peels are some of the choices for helping clear skin and improve the complexion.

Crepey Skin of the Hands and Upper Chest

No matter how youthful a person looks, if their hands or chest area appear loose and wrinkly, years are added to their overall appearance. Smoother skin that has an even tone is possible with chemical peels and Photofacial IPL.

The most requested cosmetic surgery procedures

Not every Toronto client goal can be addressed with non-surgical treatment. Currently, several of the most popular procedures are breast augmentation, tummy tucks, facial surgery, and rhinoplasty, but butt lifts, pectoral implants and breast lifts are also becoming more popular.

Butt Lift

Fashion trends are calling for enhanced bottoms for a smoother, rounder, perkier look. Several types of butt lift procedures can help restore muscle firmness and eliminate saggy skin. Implants can be used, but instead of an actual implant, it is more common to have fat from some other area of the body injected to increase volume (the ‘brazilian butt lift’).

Pectoral Implants

Sometimes diet and exercise are just not enough to give men the chest contours they would like. Pectoral implants are firm silicone shapes that are inserted behind the muscle of the chest wall for a natural, smooth appearance.

Breast Lift

Instead of large breasts, the current trend is for natural but perky breasts. A breast lift firms up the the breast tissue to provide a more youthful contour.

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