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A Sleeker Neck Contour That Defies Your Age

*Your neck is often a neglected part of your appearance. However, as the signs of aging become more visible with each passing year, you’ll notice that your neck becomes more and more of an aesthetic concern as wrinkles and sagging skin become more prominent.*

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A neck lift can rejuvenate your neck

How to recontour your neck

What a neck lift
can do for you

  • Remove excess skin to smooth the jawline and neck, giving better definition in the area
  • Soften platysma bands in the neck.
  • Eliminate fatty deposits.
*A necklift, or cervicoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to address the visible signs of aging on the neck and lower jawline.*

The Edelstein Cosmetic difference

*The customized neck lift performed by our craniofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey A. Fialkov, enables patients to see exceptional results by foregoing outdated surgical drains and using tissue glues in their place. This newer technology minimizes swelling and bruising, facilitates healing and bypasses the discomfort and scarring that postoperative drains cause.*

*The advanced technique our craniofacial surgeon applies during your surgery lifts tissues from deep beneath the muscle. Tension on superficial skin layers is also minimized in order to promote scar healing. Some neck lifts involve just addressing the skin, which loosens quickly and causes more scarring. It may also leave behind an unnaturally “tight” appearance. A properly performed lift with a slightly longer recovery time will achieve a softer and more defined jawline and neck, an improvement that lasts far longer and, most importantly, looks much better.*

Consult with Dr. Fialkov

For more information about neck lift surgery, call (416) 256-5614 to book your consultation with Dr. Fialkov, a reputed craniofacial plastic surgeon who has been honoured with a number of awards recognizing his work by such professional organizations as The British Association of Plastic Surgeons, The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the University of Toronto Division of Plastic Surgery.

*Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person*

Disclaimer: * This web site and the information contained within is intended to provide general information on the topic of cosmetic and plastic surgery only and does not replace receiving medical advice and diagnosis from a trained physician. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. * Full Disclaimer.

Neck Lift Toronto

Key elements of the Edelstein Cosmetic necklift

*The main difference between the various neck lift techniques used in cosmetic surgery comes from incision length and lift depth. Dr. Fialkov is skilled at providing many different types of lift and uses his high level of experience to tailor his surgical approach to a patient’s unique needs. He couples his expert judgement with the most advanced technologies in order to offer unparalleled results and operational safety. All of this comes together to form his unique neck lift—a modified deep plane necklift that improves the appearance of the lower face and neck. Similar techniques are applied for the mid-face.*

Tissue Glue

*The use of tissue glue makes traditional surgical drains redundant. Tissue glue, the same kind used in advanced open heart surgeries, seals the small blood vessels that cause bruising and eliminates the need for drains. They dissolve after roughly one week and allow patients to avoid the kind of risks (infection, scarring, pain, malfunction) that accompany surgical drains.*

Deeper Tissue Surgery

*Dr. Fialkov’s emphasis on deeper tissue surgery aids recovery and provides longer lasting results. He is able to offer this modified version of the traditional deep plane neck lift by shortening incision lines and taking advantage of endotine-assisted tissue securing.*

Correcting platysma bands

*Platysma bands are vertical skin folds that develop in the front of the neck. These bands typically develop with age and are made up of both fat and superficial muscles. We treat this area by employing both liposuction and muscle tightening techniques.*

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*Your consultation with Dr. Fialkov is important, as it will provide you with the information you need to determine whether a nec klift is suitable for you. In addition, your physiology, age and other factors are required to devise the right neck lift for you. For example, your age will inform the manner in which Dr. Fialkov performs your surgery. Part of his signature neck lift technique involves a customizable, graded treatment approach where the surgery is scaled to each patient’s needs. A patient in their 40s may receive satisfactory results from a neck lift alone while older individuals with jowls will typically require a partial lower neck/facelift. Some patients may require a full facelift in order to address problems affecting the neck, jowls, lower and mid face (brows must be treated separately). Dr. Fialkov’s graded approach avoids unnecessary surgical steps and is able to minimize scarring.*

*Male and female patients receive neck lifts that are tailored to their physiology. Male skin is generally thicker and heavier. It also receives a greater blood supply due to the processes responsible for growing facial hair.*


*You’ll be asked to avoid the use of drugs and supplements that increase bruising and bleeding (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Excedrin, fish oil, etc.) for two weeks before your surgery. Herbal supplements and vitamins (such as bromelin and arnica Montana) can help prepare patients for surgery and quicken the recovery process.*

Your surgery

*A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that works to reverse the subdermal muscle drooping and laxity that occurs with age. The tension of the neck’s deeper tissues is improved by operating underneath the muscles. From there, the tissue is repositioned to approximate where it originally was in a patient’s youth. Excess tissue is removed.*

Dr. Fialkov creates a treatment plan for your neck changes depending on what the causes of the changes are. In cases where there are problematic neck cords, a midline muscle tuck through a tiny incision located underneath the chin is performed. Fat deposits underneath the chin are treated with liposuction. For more significant neck changes, a lateral neck muscle lift may be added, accomplished by making an incision behind the ear. In all cases, a neck lift requires general anesthesia.

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Disclaimer: * This web site and the information contained within is intended to provide general information on the topic of cosmetic and plastic surgery only and does not replace receiving medical advice and diagnosis from a trained physician. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. * Full Disclaimer.


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