Learn More About Our Clinic’s Best Plastic Surgeons By Body Part Specialty

Did you know that many plastic surgeons specialize in one area of the body, or one specific body part? The team of medical professionals found at Edelstein Cosmetic are of course no exception. If you’d like to learn more about a specific type of cosmetic surgery, there’s no better place to go for answers than some of the best plastic surgeons in Toronto.

It’s important to work with a qualified plastic surgeon who not only has the educational background and is fully accredited to perform the kind of procedure that you’re considering, but also one who has a great deal of experience. By choosing to become the patient of an experienced plastic surgeon—one who has performed the kind of operation you’d like to have dozens or hundreds of times over—you’ll maximize your potential of having the best possible outcome and meeting your aesthetic goals.

Additionally, choosing to work with an experienced plastic surgeon will also provide you with the benefit of having access to someone who truly knows what they’re doing and can not only answer all of your questions, but answer your questions as they pertain to your specific anatomy and needs. Since everyone’s body is different, no two cosmetic surgeries are ever quite exactly the same, and only plastic surgeons with the proper qualifications and a great deal of experience can provide you with accurate, well-reasoned advice and answers.

By working with the top plastic surgeons in Toronto, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to them during your consultation. These consultations will allow you to find out everything you need to know well in advance of having your procedure actually conducted. Only finalize your decision to have cosmetic surgery once you feel completely comfortable and totally well informed—a plastic surgeon should never rush you.

Area of Expertise: Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most common and most popular cosmetic surgeries. By working with a plastic surgeon who has performed many of these kinds of surgeries, you’ll optimize the likelihood that you’ll be pleased with the results, while simultaneously minimizing the potential for any complications. Breast augmentation typically involves the enlargement of the breasts by placing an implant behind each of them, although some patients simply opt for a breast lift. This differs in that a breast lift involves the removal of unnecessary skin and tissue around the breast, which in turn raises and reshapes the breast.

Area of Expertise: Eyelids and the Area Around the Eyes

Eye surgery is also quite common and is generally conducted in order to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the eye area of the face, or to correct “drooping” or sagging eyelids or other skin around the eye. This is most commonly done by removing additional fat, skin, or tissue in the area which needs to be modified or enhanced, which might be above or below the eye.

Area of Expertise: Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Rhinoplasty is an exceedingly common cosmetic surgery which aims to reshape and enhance the nose. In many cases this is not an elective surgery and may be a medical necessity to return the nose to its original shape (or a “better” version as determined by the patient and his or her plastic surgeon) after an accident. Rhinoplasty is also quite frequently conducted in order to correct difficulty breathing due to congenital abnormalities or, again, as the result of an injury. Rhinoplasty is performed by reshaping the inner anatomy of the nose and generally involves the reshaping of bone and cartilage, and may include the removal of tissue to achieve the desired results.




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