Making Sense Of Today’s Breast Implant Options

If you’re considering a breast augmentation in Toronto, you are likely aware of the two most popular breast implant types used in Canada: saline and silicone cohesive gel. Most patients have a basic understanding of the difference between the two implant materials before scheduling their initial consultation, however, many are unaware that each implant also comes in a variety of different textures, shapes, and sizes. Since your choice of breast implant will determine the outcome of your procedure, it is important to have a clear understanding of the options before scheduling your breast augmentation.

Breast Implant Materials

Silicone implants today are made up of a cohesive silicone gel, similar in consistency to a gummy bear or jello. As a result, modern silicone implants are frequently referred to as “gummy bear” implants. They are the preferred choice of women looking for results that feel natural.Saline breast implants are comprised of sterile salt water encased in a silicone shell. They are usually filled by your plastic surgeon during your Toronto breast augmentation, which means that the incision required is often smaller.

Breast Implant Textures

Silicone and saline breast implants are both encased in a silicone shell, which is incredibly durable and malleable. However, patients can choose between a smooth or textured surface.Smooth breast implants move within the breast pocket created by the surgeon. An advantage of smooth implants is that they are not as prone to breast rippling and tend to drop more significantly.As their name implies, unlike smooth implants, textured breast implants have a texture, which prevents them from moving within the breast pocket. As a result, the chance of breast implant displacement lower, though they may sit a little higher and firmer. Careful placement is key. Anatomically shaped, (teardrop) implants are always textured.  Recently, textured implants have been associated with an unusual breast cancer called ALCL. As a result, the use of textured implants is diminishing.

Breast Implant Shape

Once you have chosen an implant material and texture, it is necessary to decide whether you prefer the look of round or teardrop implants.Round breast implants are now the preferred shape.  When these implants are sized proportionate to your body, the result is a natural looking breast.  Round implants change their shape depending on your position, for example, sloped when upright and round when lying down.  They also move more naturally than teardrop implants. An advantage of round implants is that they will not appear misshapen if they rotate within the breast pocket, since each side of the implant is rounded.Teardrop implants, also known as anatomical or contoured breast implants, are designed to mimic the natural slope of the breasts. Thus, they slope downward.  These implants are being used less and less nowadays. There is a risk of them rotating, giving the breast an odd look, which doesn’t happen with round implants.  Spontaneous fluid collections can occur whereby the breast swells up suddenly. They also don’t move as naturally as a round smooth implant.

Breast Implant Size

Breast implants are available in a wide variety of sizes and are measured in cubic centimeters or cc’s. Implants range in size from 120 cc to 800 cc. The right size for you will depend on your desired look, your existing breast tissue, and body type; however, it is also advisable to consider your lifestyle and career when choosing the best implant size for you.Drs. Edelstein and Jindal will work with you to help you determine the most suitable size, shape, texture, and implant type for your particular needs and goals prior to your Toronto breast augmentation.




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