2016 Top Plastic Surgery Trends in Toronto

While plastic surgery is becoming more and more common in nearly all western countries, some procedures have become more popular than others. A large degree of the success of these procedures and the amount of growth they’ve experienced is largely thanks to the accelerating social acceptance of plastic surgeries for both men and women.

By “trends” we mean the surgeries which are most popular, not those which are “fads.” If you’re considering any of these cosmetic surgeries, work with a top plastic surgeon in Toronto to yield the best results. A qualified staff of medical professionals can be found at Edelstein Cosmetic. To schedule a consultation, please feel welcomed and encouraged to call (416) 256-5614.


Facelifts have always been one of the most popular kinds of plastic surgery. If you work with a top plastic surgeon in Toronto, you’ll find that the outcome of this kind of surgery is often very successful in meeting the aesthetic goals of the patient. Facelifts are conducted by making small incisions, usually near the temples or the hairline, and hidden in the creases of the ear, seeking to restructure and correct any abnormalities within the underlying anatomy of the face.

Neck Lifts

Neck lifts most likely owe their popularity to patients who are also receiving facelifts. A neck lift in conjunction with a facelift can often produce a more uniform look—if the face has been rejuvenated and the neck has not, the appearance of the patient might look less cohesive. Neck lifts are almost always conducted by the removal of excess skin (the so-called skin responsible for a “turkey neck.”) If you’d like to receive the best plastic surgery in Toronto, there’s a good chance that your practitioner may consult with you about the possibility of having a neck lift in addition to a facelift.


The cosmetic surgery of rhinoplasty is very popular, not only because of the significant and numerous technological and medical advancements this kind of surgery has enjoyed over the past decade, but because in many cases it is a medically necessity. For example, if a patient has been in an accident which damaged the face and/or nose, rhinoplasty is often the only way to restore the nose to its former shape and look. Rhinoplasty is a commonly performed procedure and many patients find that the recovery time is quite a bit less than is generally believed.

Breast Augmentation

Since its inception, breast augmentation has continued to be one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed by plastic surgeons. If you’d like to receive the top plastic surgery in Toronto, odds are you’ll be able to find a qualified plastic surgeon who performs these kinds of surgeries with relative ease. Breast augmentation generally involves the insertion of an implant behind the breast to increase the size of the breast, and sometimes to try and reshape it.  Breast augmentation may also involve the removal of skin to tighten and lift the breasts.

Breast Reduction

Breast reductions can usually be thought of as the opposite of a breast augmentation—these kinds of surgeries are intended to reduce the size of the breasts for both men and women. Individuals with large breasts can face a large number of health complications such as back problems due to the size of their breasts, not to mention physical discomfort. These kinds of surgeries always involve the removal of fat, tissue, and skin to reshape and reduce the size of the breasts (note that men don’t often have skin removed). While women are still the predominant recipients of this kind of surgery, its popularity has increased for men as well, particularly those in their 20’s and 30’s who have genetic challenges with the size of their breasts.




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