IDEAL Breast Implant: What You Need to Know

IDEAL breast implant is an improved and new type of implant that offers the best of silicone gel and saline implants – it combines the natural feel of a silicone gel implant with the safety of a saline only implant. As such, it offers aesthetic perfection alongside safety, resulting in enhanced confidence and self-esteem coupled with peace of mind. The resulting confidence in the patient not only stems from an enhanced aesthetic appearance but from the knowledge that the implants are intact and safe.

IDEAL Structure, Design, and Material Resulting in Ideal Appearance and Safety

The IDEAL implant has been designed by a plastic surgeon and is an innovative, saline-filled implant with an internal structure. It is round and has a smooth surface. But do IDEAL implants feel natural? The answer is a resounding yes! They contain no silicone gel and yet offer a natural look and feel, owing to their ideal structure, unique design, and materials.

What are IDEAL implants made of? The IDEAL implant is constructed from safe materials and with tested manufacturing procedures.  Internally it consists of multiple shells layered on top of one another in what is known as the baffle structure. In addition it has two separate chambers, called the lumens, which hold the saline filler. The baffle structure helps restrict the movement of the saline in the outer lumen while the internal structure ensures that the saline is free to move through the perforated slits in the baffle shells as well as between and around the shells.

The internal design results in a controlled saline movement while simultaneously ensuring that the implant edges are well supported so there is minimized folding and wrinkling, leading to a more natural feel, beautiful shape, and youthful appearance.  

Advantages of IDEAL Implants

  • Zero Anxiety About Silent Ruptures 

In case of silicone gel implants, there’s no way to tell whether there has been a rupture simply by glancing at the mirror. It’s because these are prone to silent ruptures, which impact safety. Consequently, silicone gel implants require MRI scans to detect ruptures. 

Thankfully, in the case of IDEAL implants, you would know whether they’re intact or ruptured simply by looking at your reflection in the mirror. In any case, the IDEAL implant rupture rate is also quite low. Even in case of rare scenarios that the implant ruptures, it is not only easy to detect but also ensures patient safety as the saline is safely absorbed into the body.

  • No sloshing

The structured design renders the implants almost fool-proof, thereby reducing the probability of sloshing. 

  • No ripples, collapsing, or wrinkling like traditional saline implants

Traditional saline implants lead to a ripple effect. On the other hand, the structured design of IDEAL implants eliminates the possibility of rippling, collapsing, and wrinkling.

  • Do Not Appear Abnormal or Unnatural

Since the IDEAL implants are round, even if they were to rotate, they would not appear abnormal, as opposed to teardrop-shaped implants that would understandably appear upside-down and abnormal if they rotate.

In addition, IDEAL implants boast of a natural aesthetic effect and youthful curve, since they are designed to conform to the natural breast shape and projection from the chest wall. Quite naturally, the popularity of IDEAL implants can be attributed as much to their natural appearance and feel as to the safety they offer.

  • Do Not Require Longer Recovery Period than Traditional Implants

Despite their multiple advantages, IDEAL implants have the same recovery time as traditional silicone gel or saline implants. So they don’t require an additional healing period.

  • Low Deflation

The minimized deflation and folding in IDEAL implants result from the internal structure of the baffle shells and adequate support provided by the outer layers. The low incidence of crease folds or other negative effects can also be partly attributed to the precision-oriented robotic manufacturing process. 

IDEAL Implant vs. Silicone

Silicone gel implants are composed of a silicone shell filled with a thick silicone gel. In comparison to saline, silicone gels offer a natural look and feel with fewer creases, folds, and ripples. Their only disadvantage though is that their ruptures are silent, making it difficult to detect them without an MRI scan. It results in reduced safety, if undetected, and also requires a complex process to resolve the rupture and extract the gel.

In a nutshell, IDEAL implants offer the same benefits as silicone gel – natural appearance and feel – without their risk and hassles – silent rupture. Even in the rare occurrence that the IDEAL implant ruptures, the saline is safely absorbed by the body. IDEAL implants therefore equate to zero silent ruptures and elimination of MRI scans to detect them.

Given their safety as well as natural breast curves, it’s hardly surprising then that women have been waiting for years to get a breast augmentation procedure with IDEAL implants. 

IDEAL Implant vs. Saline

As the name suggests, saline implants consist of a silicone shell that is filled with saline. Similar to IDEAL implants, saline implants provide complete safety as they are not susceptible to silent ruptures. Again, similar to IDEAL implants, in the event that they do rupture, the saline is naturally absorbed into the body. However the main concern when it comes to saline implants is that they do not look or feel natural the way silicone gel implants do.

IDEAL implants are made of a saline-filled implant surrounded by silicone shells. Since they also include baffle shells to control the flow of saline, they’re devoid of the disadvantages of saline implants. They do not form folds, creases, or wrinkles and have a natural breast shape and chest projection. What’s more they don’t require MRI detection and are completely safe as the saline gel is naturally absorbed by the body even if the implant ruptures.

Are you hooked onto the idea of getting an IDEAL implant breast augmentation? We don’t blame you. If you’re looking for an IDEAL implant procedure in Toronto, it’s now available at Edelstein Cosmetic, one of the first clinics in Toronto to offer this brand new design. 

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