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5 Things You Need to Consider Before a Tummy Tuck in Toronto

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Your midsection can change dramatically over a lifetime. Do you see sagging or bulges that you want to get rid of? A tummy tuck in Toronto solves the issues of separated abdominal muscles, lax skin and flabby contours. It’s the go-to body reshaping cosmetic surgery and more popular than ever with men and women of all ages. If you’re planning for your own tummy transformation, there will be some essential things to consider first.

Do you plan for additional pregnancies?

If you’re a woman and have had abdominal changes due to childbirth, you represent the majority of clients who seek this procedure to improve their appearance. The dramatic stretching caused by a pregnant belly often alters it permanently. If you plan to correct this, it’s best that you do so when you’re finished having children. If you become pregnant again after having tightened the abdominal tissue, you will again stretch and likely reverse your results.

Do you plan to lose weight?

Many people choose a Toronto tummy tuck for finishing touches after they’ve lost significant weight. It’s important to understand that this cosmetic procedure is not designed as a weight loss tool and will only remove pockets of fat, allowing for sculpting of the abdomen and waist. The majority of weight loss work must be done with exercise and diet. If you’re not at your target weight yet, it’s best to hold off on the abdominoplasty, because losing weight afterward could change your results.

If you’re currently overweight, keep in mind that your BMI will be a factor for safe surgical planning and your surgeon may determine that your body fat is too high for a reliable result.

Will you have time off and help you need?

As cosmetic surgeries go, tummy tucks are fairly extensive, and the recovery requires substantial rest and accommodation. You’ll be walking bent over for 5-7 days and will have to avoid heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, even driving for the first week. Most people take two weeks or more off work to allow adequate rest, privacy and safety while recovering. Lining up extra help in the form of meal prep, house-cleaning, child and pet care can ensure the downtime is stress-free and safe.

Do you need muscle repair?

Diastasis recti is the term which refers to abdominal muscles that have been stretched apart and no longer hold the soft intestinal contents firmly in place or support the core. Instead, it may appear as though the belly is protruding at all times, even when no excess fat or skin is present. Many women experience a diastasis rectus of a couple of centimetres or more after pregnancy, so they show a permanent “pooch.” The tummy tuck surgery allows the surgeon to place strong, permanent sutures inside which pull the muscles back together and lock them in place. This furthers aids with slimming and flattening the stomach area.

Do you have realistic expectations for a tummy tuck in Toronto?

Sagging skin, problem fat spots and muscle repair can all be addressed through this one, comprehensive procedure. It cannot change your overall size and shape, however. Abdominoplasty does result in a scar as well, and for the standard technique, this will be a long line placed low on the abdomen, hip to hip.
A mini tummy tuck can allow a shorter scar, but this and the one surrounding your belly button are the unavoidable signs of surgery. Skilled experts can place the incisions on the body in ways that make them very well hidden or well camouflaged with their surroundings.

It’s important to understand that body sculpting procedures are designed to improve, not perfect your body. Those with realistic expectations are usually the most satisfied with their results.

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