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A Guide to Sleeping After Your Breast Augmentation in Toronto

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

You may have heard various rumours about sleeping after breast augmentation in Toronto. Do you have to sleep sitting up? Will you be bed-ridden after surgery? What happens if you roll onto your chest accidentally? Worries about these details can lead to unnecessary stress, but they’re relatively common. We’ll put your mind at ease and offer guidelines from a plastic surgeon about sleeping after breast implant surgery.

Sleep is essential after breast augmentation in Toronto

Sleeping will be an essential component of recovery, at least for the first few days. You may have heard that you’ll have to stay in bed after your surgery- that’s not true. On the contrary, you’ll be advised to get up and walk around regularly after your procedure, and not stay in bed for hours on end each day.

Sleep is important for a healthy immune system and quicker healing though. While you sleep, the body can focus on repair, and as muscles are still and relaxed, pain decreases as well.
It’s usually recommended that Toronto breast augmentation patients sleep on their back and slightly elevated after surgery. This is the preferred position for the first two weeks when swelling is most prevalent. Laying flat can increase the amount of inflammation and pressure experienced in the chest. This does not mean that you need to sleep sitting up. A 30-40% angle is fine.

Ideal positioning

Minimizing fluid buildup while head and shoulders are elevated is better for your comfort. The back-laying position is also easier to get up from, and keeps the breasts in a more natural position. You can sleep in a recliner if it helps you to get up more easily, however raising the head of your mattress and the addition of stiff pillows will also suffice.

What happens if you lay on your side or front?

If you can’t stand sleeping on your back, this prospect can be daunting. People usually adjust fairly quickly, but there’s no need to panic about doing it “wrong” either. Your surgeon will likely tell you that accidentally moving to your front won’t damage or ruin your surgery results- but it will hurt. Your body does an excellent job of warning you when even a little too much pressure is placed on a fresh surgical site. The possibility of bleeding in the breast pocket exists, but it is typically rare and would most likely occur as a result of a hard impact. If you see or feel anything unusual or increasingly painful, tell your surgeon right away.

Most often, placing pillows under your arms will help keep you on your back and relieve pressure on your breasts. Your body will ultimately want to stay in the most comfortable position.

Your plastic surgeon may also advise that you wear a soft but supportive bra while sleeping. Keeping the breasts from shifting side to side helps reduce strain on fresh incisions and ultimately feels more comfortable.

The amount of time you’ll be advised to sleep on your back will vary between different surgeons. There are similarities, but not all post-op protocols are the same. Your plastic surgeon will be the best one to advise you about your personal recovery.
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