Are Breasts Supposed To Be More Sensitive After A Breast Augmentation in Toronto?

Breast augmentation in Toronto continues to be an ever-popular cosmetic procedure delivering high patient-satisfaction. With the advances of modern breast enhancement techniques, most women are thrilled with their results. However, throughout the recovery process, you might wonder if everything you experience is normal.

As with any surgery, it’s normal to have doubts about what is a natural part of the healing process vs. what could indicate that something is wrong. Many women have questions about breast sensitivity and wonder whether changes in sensitivity are typical with implants.

We’ve compiled information about breast sensitivity after implants to put your mind at ease. Just remember before you read on; online information is not a replacement for your surgeon’s advice. Contact your physician if you’re worried about how your body is recovering.

Is It Common To Have Increased Sensitivity After Breast Augmentation in Toronto?

If you find that your breasts are extra sensitive after surgery, it’s not usually a cause for concern. Pain in the nipples or breasts after implants is called hyperesthesia and is triggered by the stretching of the skin and nerves during surgery. When your implants are inserted, the many nerves in your breasts tissue are stretched or temporarily damaged to accommodate them.Tenderness is usually most intense in the initial weeks of recovery and then subsides significantly, lasting anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. As the tight, swollen tissue in your chest goes back to normal, so noes nipple sensitivity, or numbness if you experience it. Most people feel back to normal by 2-3 months, though a few lingering sensations could persist for 6 months or more.Everyone experiences breast sensitivity differently, but here are some sensations patients have reported in their breasts or nipples:

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Sensation of pins and needles
  • Aching or burning sensation

How Can I Relieve Discomfort After Surgery?

Most tenderness will dissipate on its own within a few months post-op. Nerves will have had time to calm down, and your implants should be more settled into place. However, there are things you can do to help ease soreness when you’re experiencing it:

  • Take analgesic medication as advised which can minimize swelling and discomfort
  • Use nipple protectors like large bandages or gauze pads to prevent irritation from clothing rubbing against them
  • Gently massage the area with a moisturizing cream to desensitize it

While mild aches and pains are expected during the first few weeks after your breast augmentation in Toronto, you should bring your surgeon’s attention to any severe, persistent pain or soreness that disrupts your ability to sleep and perform daily tasks. A dedicated and experienced plastic surgeon will be available to you after the procedure to ensure you’re healing well and happy with your results.If you are considering breast augmentation and have concerns about the recovery process, Dr. Jerome Edelstein and his team will be happy to consult with you. Our North York clinic specializes in breast enhancement, so you can expect the highest level of care both before and after surgery.




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