Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Toronto

Cosmetic surgery has become much more common in recent years as people realize the benefits of not only looking good but of having greater self-confidence. Both men and women from the GTA and around the world are seeking the top cosmetic surgeons in Toronto to perform a variety of procedures designed to give them a more youthful and better proportioned appearance.

Edelstein Cosmetic is one of Toronto’s leading clinics for a wide range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures with top doctors, modern, state of the art facilities and convenient payment options. In fact, Edelstein Cosmetic has been awarded the Consumers Choice Award for “Best Cosmetic Procedures in the Greater Toronto Area” for 2014 and 2015.

Top Doctors

Dr. Jerome Edelstein leads a team of plastic surgeons who have a variety of sub-specialties that address the needs and goals of all types of clients. Beyond basic plastic surgery, Dr. Edelstein received advanced training in cosmetic procedures under one the most acclaimed plastic surgeons in the world. He strives for excellence with continuing education in the field and lectures on a variety of topics. As Head of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the Humber River Hospital, he oversees nine other plastic surgeons as well as performs numerous surgeries of his own.

Both Drs. Jeffrey Fialkov and Kunaal Jindal are respected plastic surgeons with sub-specialties in the area of facial surgery. Dr. Jindal also specializes in breast surgery and body contouring. Both are determined to provide clients with the latest techniques that enhance the results of surgery while minimizing the trauma to the face which is important for more efficient healing and minimized scarring.

Dr. Andrea Herschorn is a medical doctor with a degree in psychology and certifications in therapeutic injectable treatments for improving facial expression, enhancing the complexion and eliminating wrinkles. Dr. Herschorn relates well with her patients and offers a genuine understanding of their issues and goals.

Modern Facilities

Clients begin their journey with Edelstein Cosmetic in the spacious, well-appointed Toronto office located at 362 Fairlawn Avenue. Depending on the type of procedure, surgery takes place at one of four different locations.

Humber River Hospital is a new, fully digital hospital that offers mostly private rooms with state of the art amenities in a green environment where patients receive the benefits of all the necessary technology and equipment in modern, comfortable surgical suites and recovery rooms.

Sunnybrook Hospital also is well recognized for comfort, state of the art technology and excellent service for head, neck and facial surgeries.

Yorkville and Forest Hill are two private plastic surgery clinics that are outfitted with the latest technology in luxurious settings where patients can feel pampered and maintain their privacy. Surgical suites and recovery rooms are designed with patient comfort and safety in mind.

Excellent Customer Service

Everything to do with the business end of your surgery is handled by friendly professional administrative personnel. All arrangements including billing are taken care of smoothly and efficiently to eliminate the stress of paperwork.

For an all-around excellent experience for any cosmetic surgery procedure in Toronto provides you with personalized attention and quality care so that you can achieve the results you desire.




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