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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

A more youthful appearance and fit physique help people retain a good standing in the workplace and improve their mental outlook. To achieve these goals, more and more men and women are turning to cosmetic surgery for body contouring, breast and pectoral implants, facelifts and other procedures.

Choosing a Doctor

Surgical and even injectable treatments come with certain medical risks so it is important to find a practitioner who is well trained, highly experienced and has a proven record of success. Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto suggests that you take your time and give your procedure serious consideration with the help and advice of a highly experienced surgeon. No matter what type of treatment you are interested in, the doctor should be someone you feel comfortable with and can trust because your health and safety are in their hands.  You will be working with this person not only for the actual surgery but for preliminary consultations and post-operative follow up care so a good working relationship is beneficial for the best results.

What to expect before surgery

Medical precautions must be taken seriously prior to any surgical procedure and elective cosmetic surgery is no different. Certain medications must be stopped prior to surgery so that their effects don’t compromise blood clotting and the healing process. Smoking must also be avoided since it can reduce the effectiveness of your procedure and interfere with healing. Consideration must be given to taking time off from work, arranging for transportation and help with housework or childcare, and having the necessary medications and supplies available at home for a speedy recovery.

After surgery

Although some procedures may not affect your body to a great extent, invasive procedures such as implants, tummy tucks and anything that involves incisions require time to heal. In the presence of pain medications, you will be limited in terms of your ability to drive and the healing process requires some degree of rest. It is important to follow the discharge information provided to you after your surgery and to keep any follow up appointments with the surgeon to monitor your progress and check for any complications. It is usually necessary to avoid strenuous physical activity for several weeks and to resume normal exercise routines or manual labor only after approval by the doctor.

Edelstein Cosmetic is one of Toronto’s top providers

In operation since the year 2000, Edelstein Cosmetic has become well respected in the GTA and even across Canada. With excellent doctors who lead the field in their specialties and state of the art medical facilities proud of their record for patient safety and comfort, Edelstein Cosmetic offers men and women the best results for a wide range of surgical and medical aesthetics treatments.

Let the professionals at Edelstein Cosmetic show you how looking good can help you feel better about yourself. It is easier and less costly than many people think and their Consumer Choice Award for 2015 for the ‘Best Cosmetic Procedures in the Greater Toronto Area’ means that you can trust them, too.

Call today to set up a consultation and find out how surgery by Edelstein Cosmetic can enhance your life.

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