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The Structured Implant that is Changing Breast Implants

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a new, innovative, smooth-surfaced breast implant that is now available at Edelstein Cosmetic, one of the first clinics in Toronto to offer this brand new design. This new type of breast implant provides a number of advantages over saline or silicone, and it is said to be the best of both combined into a design that offers aesthetic and clinical benefits.

Ideal implant Facts

Why Choose IDEAL Implants?

Years of research have gone into this innovative design. The IDEAL IMPLANT is known for its natural feel and safety, youthful shape and a complex, internal structure.

What is the IDEAL IMPLANT?

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a new design of breast implant that looks better, and feels natural. Up to this point, implants were simply bags filled with either saline or silicone. They may be shaped such as teardrop/anatomical but the design of the basic saline and silicone implant is simple, whereas the IDEAL IMPLANT is an evolved, “Structured Implant” and complex compared to its predecessors.

The IDEAL IMPLANT contains no silicone gel but it looks and feels like silicone implants. Due to the saline filler moving freely through the structured, layered shells it gives the implant the look and feel of silicone, without the risks and hassle.

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The IDEAL IMPLANT is Revolutionary

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a Structured Implant that is comprised of multiple shells, layered on top of one another called the baffle structure, and two separate chambers, called the lumens, which hold the saline filler. The internal structure of the implant controls the saline filler, which reduces rippling, folding and wrinkling, which is a common concern with saline implants. The baffle structure contains 1-3 nestled layers with perforated slits, designed to restrict saline to the outer lumen and to allow saline to flow between all layers. The lumens can also be filled before or after the implant has been placed, making the incision necessary to fit the implant small.

The outer edges are lowered to contour to the chest wall better, and the implants form to the body more accurately than saline or silicone, while reliably keeping their shape.


Feel free to contact us at 416.256.5614 with questions or inquiries about breast augmentation options and to learn more about the IDEAL IMPLANT. Our clinic is on the leading edge of cosmetic procedures and we provide our patients with the best and safest that the industry has to offer.


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Ideal Implants: The Safer Option

Due to the chambers of the IDEAL IMPLANT being filled with saline, the implants are safe if anything should happen to the implant, as saline is safely absorbed into the body. With the IDEAL IMPLANT you know your implants are intact by looking in the mirror and an MRI scan to detect rupture is not necessary, unlike silicone.


Adamaged silicone implant is called a Silent Rupture. This means the outer silicone shell is broken, but the implant does not look any different and some women do not know when or how it happened. While silicone is FDA and Health Canada approved and safe, a rupture does require removal of the implant and any gel that has been released from the damaged implant.

The wait is over

The Future of Breast Implants

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a new design and was tested on over 500 women in a U.S. medical centre in 2009 as part of a clinical trial and is manufactured in a U.S. FDA inspected facility that has been manufacturing medical grade silicone products for over 30 years. The IDEAL IMPLANT has just been made available on the market and some women have been waiting for five years to receive a breast augmentation procedure using IDEAL IMPLANTS.

Compare Implants

Saline Implants vs. Silicone Implants vs. IDEAL Implant


Comparatively like a water balloon with no internal structure. Prone to collapsing, wrinkling and folding when held upright. This is usually the main reason women do not choose saline.


Silicone gel is softer than saline and feels more natural. The downside of silicone is the implants are filled prior to surgery so the incision cannot be as small as many women would like. Silicone gel implants can rupture and these damages are not detectable by looking at the implant. Women must have an MRI to check for damages.


The implant has an inner shell around the inner chamber, which holds saline and an outer shell around the outer chamber, which also holds saline filler. Between these shells are one to three baffle shells that are designed to control movement of the saline inside and gives the IDEAL IMPLANT its natural feel.

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