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17.1 in every 1000 women have inverted nipples

*It’s a fact, 17.7 in every 1000 women have an inverted nipple on one or both breasts, a statistic that was compiled by the Plastic Surgeon, Dr. R. Schwager in his paper, Inversion of the Human Female Nipple, With a Simple Method of Treatment. Based on this number, almost 2% of women in Canada have nipple inversion, and men are not exempt from its development. Males and females alike may experience adverse effects on their self-esteem and body image, while women may suffer from difficulties with breastfeeding as well.*

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    Although they are not a risk to your health…

    Inverted nipples are created by tight breast duct tissue that has been shortened. Genetics, trauma and physiological changes to your body following pregnancy and lactation are factors that can contribute to development. The abnormality is not a risk to your health, although severe cases may increase your susceptibility to infection. However, they can decrease your satisfaction with your appearance and make you feel more self-conscious, preventing you from enjoying certain activities.

    The Most Effective and Satisfying Results Can Be Achieved With Inverted Nipples Correction Surgery

    You can be totally confident in undergoing inverted nipple correction surgery with less worry and apprehension, allowing you to proceed knowing you made the right decision.

    Confidence Restored!

    Inverted nipple correction allows you to:

    • Create a more aesthetically pleasing breast shape.
    • Eliminate the embarrassment of inverted nipples, thereby giving you a higher degree of confidence and a boost in self-esteem.
    • Improve the overall appearance of your breasts.

    Overwhelmingly High Patient Satisfaction From Inverted Nipple Surgery
    Female patients who had inverted nipple correction surgery experienced overwhelmingly high rates of satisfaction, with long lasting results, according to a study led by Dr. G. Stevens in 2004, An Integrated Approach to the Repair of Inverted Nipples. With surgical methods that have improved since that time, your surgery can achieve an outcome that is extremely pleasing, aesthetically and psychologically.

    Nipple Reduction Surgery

    We are also able to reduce the size of the nipples/areolae. During the initial nipple surgery consultation, your surgeon determines how best to treat your aesthetic concern by examining the areas of the nipple that require reduction. Depending on the patient, he may recommend a reduction in width, length or a combination of both. The goal of the procedure is to better balance the size of the areola (the darker coloured tissue in the centre of the breast) and the nipple. Accomplishing this provides a pleasing level of aesthetic symmetry that improves the overall look of the breasts.

    Address your concerns and take corrective action. Inverted nipple correction is your solution to this discomfort.
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    Inverted Nipple Correction Toronto

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