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No More Chipmunk Cheeks

One of the traits of a youthful face is full cheeks, but when they’re too full, it can make you look chubby and puffed up, even though your body may be thin.

Buccal Facts

Overly rounded cheeks (aka “chipmunk cheeks”) make your face look less chiseled and defined.

Did you know that your face has some proportions that can make you look more or less beautiful to the human eye? Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov explains these proportions and how you can change your appearance with cosmetic surgery.

What buccal fat removal can do for you

  • Redefine your cheeks, so they are less rounded.
  • Reduce puffiness.
  • Correct asymmetry.
  • Achieve a more contoured facial shape.
  • For men, it can make the cheeks angular and chiseled for a more masculine facial contour.

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For more information about buccal fat removal surgery, call (416) 256-5614 to book your consultation with Dr. Fialkov, a reputed craniofacial plastic surgeon who has been honoured with a number of awards recognizing his work by such professional organizations as The British Association of Plastic Surgeons, The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the University of Toronto Division of Plastic Surgery.

Are you a candidate?

Buccal fat removal is designed for patients who are unhappy with the fullness of their cheeks and would like to address the issue with surgery. You should be healthy and understand the risks related to your treatment so you can make an informed choice.


Risks include numbness in the cheeks and jawline, infection, fluid collection (hematoma or seroma) and lumps. Over-correction and asymmetry are also risks.


It is absolutely necessary you consult with Dr. Fialkov to find out whether the procedure is suitable for you because buccal fat pads are not the only cause of chubby cheeks. Another treatment may be better for you, such as a facelift. You must be examined by Dr. Fialkov to determine the right course of treatment.

In your initial consultation, you will be able to determine the amount of fat you’d like to have removed to achieve your desired improvement, and to get a better idea of how you’ll look after surgery.


Dr. Fialkov will provide you with guidelines on how to prepare for your surgery. These guidelines include instructions on what to avoid in the time before your surgery, such as smoking, certain medications and particular activities that could increase the chance of developing complications.

Your surgery

Anesthesia is administered.

To slim down your cheeks, the mid to lower part of the buccal fat pads must be reduced in size. This is done by creating an incision in the cheek on the inside of the mouth, then removing a portion of the buccal fat pad to achieve the desired improvement. The incision is then closed and dressed.

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