Latisse® makes fuller and more beautiful eyelashes easy to achieve.

Latisse® is a topical solution that is formulated with a medical product called bimatoprost. It’s used to help hypotrichosis (or insufficient eyelash volume) sufferers grow longer, fuller and darker eyelashes quickly, easily and without having to undergo invasive surgery or in-clinic treatment.The active ingredient in the eyelash lengthener Latisse®, bimatoprost, has been used to treat several different eye diseases (like glaucoma and ocular hypertension) in the past. During research into bimatoprost, physicians discovered that it also lead to the beneficial side effect of rejuvenated eyelashes. Researchers believe that Latisse® helps to increase the number of hairs (and period of growth) of eyelash hairs by extending the natural, developmental phase (anagen) of growth while stimulating more hair production at the same time. As published by Dr. S. K. Law in the 2010 Clinical Ophthalmology study, Bimatoprost in the treatment of eyelash hypotrichosis, Latisse® was found to be “effective in promoting increased growth”.Age and Eyelash Thinning As we get older our eyelashes can begin to lose their natural lustre, leaving us with thinner lashes with less volume than before. Part of a natural process, all of our hair growth diminishes as we age, and the same type of hair loss that affects our head works to lessen our eyelashes as well. It’s common to notice previously dark lashes becoming lighter and longer or fuller lashes becoming thinner. Latisse® works to turn back the clock on eyelash thinning and hair loss, giving the body’s natural systems what they need to create the beautiful, long and full lashes you had, or never had.What Kind of Results Can I Expect?*You can expect to experience significant and noticeable increase in eyelash growth, leaving you with thicker, longer and darker lashes that you may have only been able to achieve through daily mascara or false eyelash application. Latisse® is administered as a simple, daily regimen. A small applicator is used to apply the product to the root of the eyelashes, on the eyelid skin. Over as short a time as four weeks, you’ll see Latisse taking effect. Generally, a typical six-week treatment course will provide you with the full benefits. The 2010 study by Dr. W. W. Lee, Eyelash growth from application of bimatoprost in gel suspension to the base of the eyelashes, found that, after following a proper treatment plan, a sample group of patients were left with an average increase of 2.0 millimetres of eyelash growth. You can experience the same level of results by choosing Latisse®.* Contact Edelstein Cosmetic at (416) 256-5614 to book your consultation for longer, lusher lashes with the only medical eyelash lengthener in Toronto.LATISSE® SIDE EFFECTS Latisse® is a prescription drug, and like any prescription medicine, the eyelash grower does have its own set of side effects. These are the following: itchiness in the eyes and/or eyelids redness in the eyes and/or eyelids possible skin darkening where Latisse® is applied darkening or browning of the iris in hazel or green eyes—we haven’t seen this occur with any of our patients to date. In fact, our Medical Injector has green eyes and hasn’t experienced any darkening of her eyes, even though she has been using Latisse® for over a year.




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