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Chemical skin peels are designed to treat common skin problems safely and effectively, without requiring patients to undergo invasive surgery. This skin restoration treatment is predominately comprised of alphahydroxy and betahydroxy acids which are formulated in a variety of ways to provide a wide range of benefits for specific skin issues.



Chemical skin peels are designed to minimize and eliminate a variety of complexion issues with a topically applied formulation featuring a blend of therapeutic acids to remove the uppermost layers of the skin.


  • Acne
  • Acne scarring and scarring from trauma
  • Sun damage (photodamage)
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dullness
  • Large pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

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What you need to know


Chemical peels are formulated with exfoliating agents (natural acids) that work to reduce and eliminate acne, as well as other skin problems. Peels are a gentle form of skin resurfacing that are affordable and don’t require a lengthy post-treatment downtime.

Superficial chemical peels are recommended alone or alongside complementary forms of acne removal treatment. When peels are added to an acne management regimen, they have been shown to improve the general quality of a patient’s skin texture while also decreasing the number of blemishes within a short amount of time. The use of chemical peels has been reliably shown to offer speedy acne reduction, resulting in a high level of patient satisfaction.



Salicylic acid peels for the treatment of acne vulgaris in Asian patients appeared in the 2003 issue of the medical journal, Dermatologic Survey. The study performed tests that saw a group of 35 patients suffering from facial acne treated with salicylic peels. 100% of the patients were pleased with their results of their acne peels. The same, well-documented benefits are available to you at Edelstein Cosmetic. In fact, our medical aesthetician has helped adolescent patients suffering from severe acne achieve clearer skin through peels and other treatments available at our clinic–with overwhelming success and without the assistance of any drugs like Accutane. Chemical peels for acne are proven to achieve great results.


The Department of Dermatology at New Delhi’s Maulana Azad Medical College & Hospitals conducted research into the efficacy of glycolic peels as a treatment plan for acne scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, finding that a sample group of patients showed substantial improvement in their study, The therapeutic value of glycolic acid peels in dermatology. If you suffer from embarrassing acne scarring, a glycolic peel can help to give your skin back its clarity and smoothness.


Salicylic peels also provide powerful exfoliation that leaves your skin clean and healthier. Salicylic acid works to penetrate deep into the skin, cleansing pores and leading to a clear complexion that feels softer, is more supple and glows.


Beautiful skin is characterized by an even tone and texture, something that skin peels can achieve for you. Texture issues caused by aging or scarring are best treated with glycolic peels, which is able to resolve underlying problems and allow the skin to revitalize itself. The same benefits of glycolic acid also apply to patients with tonal problems like hyperpigmentation or blotchiness.


*A 2001 study, published in the International Journal of Dermatology, studied melasma (a common form of facial hyperpigmentation) over a sample group of 25 women treated with glycolic peels. Significant improvement in 91% of the group was recorded in the study, Safety and efficacy of glycolic acid facial peel in Indian women with melasma. Photodamage often takes the form of uneven pigmentation and skin texture, both issues that can be effectively solved with the application of a glycolic peel.*


Glycolic peels penetrate deep into the inner layers of the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines by acting on the issues that are at the root of this common problem. By taking advantage of a peel’s benefits, you’re able to erase years of fine lines without needing to undergo invasive surgery or a lengthy recovery period.


Rejuvenating skin peels work to give the skin a vibrant glow that promotes a healthy and youthful appearance. A glycolic peel works to address a full range of problems associated with damaged or aged skin, revitalizing your appearance on all levels and allowing you to enjoy a refreshed and healthy look.


The success of your chemical face peel treatment depends on the insight of our highly qualified master medical aesthetician, a seasoned professional who has worked with leading plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists for over a decade. Petra Hughes has also trained hundreds of other aestheticians, nurses and doctors in performing skin peels as well as other procedures. Your initial consultation involves a dermatological assessment of your aesthetic concerns, during which your skin, medical history and current medical conditions (if any) will be examined. Petra performs a more comprehensive consultation so that she can better understand why your skin suffers from a particular concern. With that knowledge, she can then customize a course of treatment that ensures results with which you’ll be more pleased. This is part of the SkinPerfect™ Rejuvenation System for skin peels.


With the help of Petra, our master medical aesthetician under the guidance of Dr. Edelstein, we’ve designed a fabulous new treatment system for your skin: the SkinPerfect™ Rejuvenation Treatment. This specially designed system is tailored to the unique requirements of your skin.


Your SkinPerfect™ Rejuvenation Treatment begins by receiving a thorough analysis of your skin and complexion in a private consultation. We detail every blemish and imperfection that’s preventing you from having the beautiful complexion you deserve. Our master aesthetician pinpoints all the areas that need attention as well. You’ll have to fill out a 2 page form that will help her better understand what you’d like to achieve (don’t worry, the form is mostly checkboxes so you won’t have to write too much). Then, a treatment plan is devised to accurately resolve your concerns with the most effective and gentle solution.


The SkinPerfect™ process starts with a complete cleansing of your face to remove all makeup and environmental pollution. After your skin is cleaned on the surface, it’s time to target the lower layers with a customized solution that can best be described as an intense exfoliation. This deep exfoliator removes embedded dirt, debris, and dead skin cells clogging your pores. It also removes some of the signs of damage caused by the environment as well as reduces fine lines and minor discolouration.

The solution contains therapeutic ingredients that promote the creation of collagen and elastin at the cellular level to make your skin healthier and firmer.


What you will see after your chemical peel:

  • swelling will increase over the first two to three days
  • your skin will feel like a sunburn when it’s touched
  • after two or three days, the skin will start to peel
  • skin peeling occurs in little patches, which actually makes you look worse
  • skin peeling continues up to day seven
  • the skin is usually healed by day 10 to 14


What you should do for swelling:

  • Use an ice pack (or a bag of frozen peas) place on the treated area for 15 minutes, three or four times a day, for the first two days.
  • Keep your head elevated on pillows when you sleep


What you should do to help your skin:

  • Try to GENTLY remove any ointment using cotton balls or a towel moistened with water once you have removed the old ointment, wash your face with soap and water (use a gentle soap like Dove or Ivory).
  • Pat dry your face with a towel.
  • Apply regular Vaseline (the thick kind). Do this twice on the day after the peel, then three times each day after that. If you notice any areas getting dry, apply a little more Vaseline.
  • Don’t pick at the peeling skin.


You should be okay to shower by the third day after the procedure (e.g. if the peel is done on Tuesday, you can shower on Friday). It may feel better if you let the water hit the back of your head and let it run down onto your face.

Once the skin has healed (Dr. Edelstein or our head medical aesthetician will let you know), you may switch from regular Vaseline to either Vaseline intensive care or Cetaphil lotion.


And now is the fun part: you’ll notice a dramatic rejuvenation of your skin. Wrinkles will become less visible with boosted collagen levels, blemishes minimized and the overall texture of your complexion smoothed out. Remember that sweet glow you had when you first fell in love with someone, and everyone noticed how great you looked? That’s what our SkinPerfect™ Treatment can help you get back!

The SkinPerfect™ Rejuvenation Treatment is only available at Edelstein Cosmetic. We designed it to help you achieve gorgeous, radiant skin–exactly what you’ve always wanted!

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