How Do I Choose a Plastic Surgeon in Toronto?

Plastic surgery in Toronto, whether elective or medically dictated, involves invasive procedures so it is important to find a plastic surgeon who is well trained, highly experienced and trustworthy. This is a person whose advice you will want to follow and who makes you feel comfortable by listening to your needs and concerns and answering any questions you may have.

With over 200 plastic surgeons to choose from in the Toronto area, you need to know how to narrow down the options.

Doctor recommendations

The first person who should be able to give you reliable advice is your primary care provider. This is a person whom you have trusted with your medical needs so their recommendations are a good place to start. The medical community is fairly close-knit so good names (and ones to avoid) are easy to recognize for most physicians.

Friends and family

Everyone knows someone who has had some type of plastic surgery procedure so getting information about their surgeon can also provide you with some clues. This can be tricky, however, because not everyone’s situation is the same and the results one person has experienced may not be possible for someone else.

Advertising and social media

Advertising has always been a powerful tool and that is especially true today with the ease of internet access. You can find out quite a bit about anyone on the web and the comments and testimonials available on a variety of sites allow you to get a good picture of what different surgeons have to offer.

Accreditation and industry awards

It is to a doctor’s credit to belong to medical organizations, civic groups and educational boards. That information is usually listed on websites along with any awards the doctor or clinic has received for outstanding service.

How to put the information to use

Once you have information about possible surgeons, schedule an appointment for a consultation. At that time, you can see what the office and general facilities are like and how you feel around the staff as well as with the doctor him or herself. You want to be sure the environment is clean and comfortable and that you are treated with respect by everyone at the office. Some people just don’t hit it off so if you don’t feel as though the doctor is really listening to you or you feel hurried or uncomfortable in any way, you have the chance to look further. Your overall comfort is an important factor when choosing a plastic surgeon.

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