What Are The Top Plastic Surgery Myths?

Unfortunately, there’s quite a bit of myth surrounding cosmetic surgery, the kind of people who get it, and what these medical procedures are capable of achieving. In an effort to reduce some of the misconceptions and rumors about these common—and sometimes medically necessary—procedures, we’d like to take a few moments to examine the top plastic surgery myths.

As always, if you’d like to receive the best plastic surgery in Toronto, choose to work with a plastic surgeon who isn’t only qualified, but with whom you feel comfortable speaking with about anything and everything during your consultations with them. A consultation with a plastic surgeon should be an open, honest opportunity for you to ask any kind of questions you like, including those which concern clarification about the kind of plastic surgery that you’re considering. The best way to dispel the myths surrounding plastic surgery will always be to find out for yourself from a top plastic surgeon in Toronto.

Myth: Plastic Surgery is Only for Women

The notion that plastic surgery is only (or even primarily) for women borderlines on absurd; in fact, research indicates that more men than ever are having cosmetic surgery performed. Traditional cosmetic surgeries like facelifts, neck lifts, and tummy tucks are all quite common. Additionally, thanks to the increasing social acceptance of cosmetic surgery overall—not just for men—medically necessary procedures are being performed more often for men.

Myth: You Should Only Have One Kind of Procedure Done at a Time

While in some cases two different kinds of procedures are best not performed alongside one another, in many cases it is quite possible and even common. For example, facelifts are one of the most common types of plastic surgery, and will very often be accompanied by a neck lift procedure. This is because by also having a neck lift in addition to a facelift, the overall cohesiveness of one’s aesthetic appeal can be increased. If you work with the best plastic surgeon in Toronto, odds are they’ll inform you about all of your options concerning the most commonly combined kinds of cosmetic surgery.

Myth: You Can Be Too Young or Old to Get Plastic Surgery

One of the most common misconceptions about plastic surgery is that there’s a “correct age” for it. The reality is that there is no age limit or requirement for plastic surgery. In general, the only requirement is that you’re physically healthy enough to undergo surgery—and this is true for any procedure, not just the cosmetic ones. While many patients choose to have, for example, a facelift after they’ve reached their fiftieth year, it is by no means a requirement. Many young people have minor cosmetic surgeries beginning in their thirties or younger.

Myth: OHIP Won’t Cover Plastic Surgery

If you’d like to get the top plastic surgery in Toronto, you might be wise to consider working with a plastic surgeon whose office can help you interface with OHIP. While it’s true that many cosmetic surgeries are considered elective and are therefore not covered, this is far from always being the case. For example, if your plastic surgery is a medical necessity—e.g., a rhinoplasty operation to correct breathing difficulties or after an accident to reshape the nose—there’s a relatively good chance that OHIP will cover it.

By choosing to work with a great plastic surgeon, myths like these will be cleared up during your initial consultations with them. To find out more about your options with cosmetic surgery, consider contacting the offices of Edelstein Cosmetic to schedule a consultation. These medical professionals can be reached at (416) 256-5614.




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