Breast Surgery or Mammoplasty

Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that enhances the appearance of the breasts. It can refer to those performed on women or men. The procedures may improve the size, shape or projection of the chest. Some of the breast surgeries available at Edelstein Cosmetic are; Breast Augmentation, Asian Breast Augmentation, IDEAL Implants, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction and Inverted Nipple Correction.**

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    How to get the perfect breasts

    The idea of “perfect” breasts involves more than just size. There is also shape, proportion, volume, and firmness to consider as well.

    Breast Surgery

    Many women are unhappy with their breasts for one reason or another. A skilled surgeon can create a youthful breast contour by adding volume, removing excess skin, reshaping the breast, and / or raising the areola and nipple into a forward position. Women with large breasts can also undergo reduction mammoplasty surgery to reduce the size. Therapeutic mammoplasty is used to remove cancer.**

    Breast Augmentation Surgery

    When most people think of “breast surgery”, augmentation is usually the first thing to come to mind. This is a highly individualized procedure that must be performed by a skilled surgeon. If you are thinking about getting implants, it is important that you only go through the procedure if it’s something you truly want yourself, not to fulfill anyone else’s wish.**

    Dr. Edelstein has designed his breast augmentation surgery to make the procedure easier for the patient and to reduce the length of recovery.  Innovations that he has adopted in his practise include bloodless breast augmentation, dimensional breast augmentation, rapid recovery, no drains, and the ‘no-touch’ technique.**

    One of the biggest problems with breast augmentation procedures is the risk of capsular contracture. When performed by one of our skilled surgeons, *the rate for this risk is only 1%*. Studies have shown that the rate can be as high as 10% or 25%.**

    *Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person*

    Which implant procedure is right for you?

    There are 3 main options to discuss besides size:

    1) What type of implant to use:
    • Silicone cohesive gel implants (‘gummy-bear implants’)
    • Saline implants
    2)  Where to put the implant:
    • Under the chest muscle (subpectoral or dual plane)
    • Over the chest muscle (submammary)
    3)  Where to put the incision:
    • Infra-mammary – in the fold under the breast
    • Trans-axillary – in the armpit
    • Peri-areolar – around the areola

    Request your consultation today to learn more about your options.

    Breast Lift Surgery

    If you are unhappy with the shape of your breasts and want to restore them, you might be interested in a surgical breast lift procedure. Maybe you have recently given birth or lost a lot of weight and experienced unwelcomed changes to the breasts such as sagging, asymmetry, or changes to the shape. Eliminating the excess, stretched out skin and re-shaping the breast tissue will help to restore their youthful appearance.**

    If there is too much or too little volume, augmentation or reduction might be recommended along with the lift.**

    When should you consider a breast lift?

    Some reasons women undergo this type of surgery are:

    • Sagging / droopiness caused by pregnancy and nursing, weight loss or gain, aging, heredity conditions etc.
    • In conjunction with implants that are not likely to achieve the desired contour alone.
    • To enjoy perkier, better-proportioned breasts

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Reduction mammoplasty is ideal for women who wish to reduce their breast size by having excess fat and breast tissue removed. For some women, it isn’t necessarily as much about appearance as it is health, as large breasts often cause back pain and other complications.**

    A breast reduction procedure may be ideal for you if:

    • You have overly large breasts that are too heavy for your body frame, causing neck, back, or shoulder pain etc.
    • One breast is noticeably larger than the other.
    • Their large appearance makes you feel self-conscious.
    • You have trouble finding clothes that fits well due to their overly large size.

    Reduction mammoplasty typically takes from three to four hours to perform. Your surgeon will remove excess tissue, skin and fat around the breast area. The areola (which can also be reduced in size) and nipple are then shifted to a higher position. Liposuction may also be used to improve the contour of the breast and under the armpits. The breasts can be reshaped after the excess fat is removed.**

    Call Edelstein Cosmetic at (416) 256-5614 to find out how you can get rid of wrinkles without surgery.

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    Bloodless Breast Augmentation Toronto

    Breast Surgery Consultation

    During your consultation with Dr. Edelstein or Dr. Jindal at one of our facilities in Ontario, you will get a chance to discuss your cosmetic goals, and whether you want a lift, augmentation, or reduction. We will help you determine what a natural and appropriate breast size would be for your body frame. If you wish to go even larger than the recommendations, we will discuss the options.**

    One of our specialists will help you determine whether or not you are a good candidate for a particular type of procedure by considering the following:

    • Your skin quality
    • The quantity and quality of breast tissue
    • Current size and shape
    • The size and shape you desire
    • The placement of your nipples

    Be sure to inform your surgeon if you are currently dieting and plan to lose weight. It is strongly recommended that you first stabilize your weight before doing any type of breast surgery. If you plan on getting pregnant soon, you should wait until after the baby is born and you lose the baby weight before considering surgery.**

    Other information you should discuss with us is your complete medical history, including any previous surgeries you might have had, family history of cancer (particularly breast cancer), drug allergies, medical conditions now and in the past, current mammogram results, etc.**

    Your Edelstein Cosmetic team specialist will measure and examine and photograph your breasts for the medical record. This will help in determining the best course of action.**

    Gynecomastia Treatment for Men

    Breast reduction surgery isn’t just for women; men with Gynecomastia can benefit from it as well. Many men are self-conscious about their chests. In some men, there is a swelling of breast tissue that is caused by factors such as an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen during puberty, or weight gain.**

    While it isn’t known to be a serious physical problem, it can cause a lot of emotional problems. Men who have Gynecomastia often have a low self-image and feel too embarrassed to go swimming or perform other outdoor activities shirtless.**

    Dr. Edelstein can help, with surgical options that include liposuction and the re-contouring of the body.**

    Breast Surgery Safety

    It’s essential that you choose a skilled, experienced surgeon to keep the risks of complication low. You will learn about the potential risks during the consultation process. If you decide to go ahead with the surgery, you will be provided with pre-operation instructions to help you prepare. We will also give you post-operative instructions so that you’ll know what to do and what not to do after the surgery.**

    An award winning surgeon, Dr. Edelstein has developed an innovative procedure that helps speed up the recovery period.**

    Contact us today to schedule your breast surgery consultation.

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    Breast Augmentation Toronto

    Breast Augmentation Toronto

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