Dimensional Breast Augmentation

Are you getting breast augmentation and are confused about what size to choose for your breast implants? Don’t know what shape to get? Wondering if a high profile would be better for you than moderate to get more projection?

We understand how difficult it can be to figure out what type of implants you should get. That’s why Dr. Edelstein, our primary plastic surgeon, has designed a cutting-edge formula called Dimensional Breast Augmentation (DBA). DBA can help you achieve a proportionate result that will complement your overall body contour.

Choose the right breast implant size/shape/projection.

Achieve natural-looking results that are harmoniously proportionate.

Achieves a highly satisfying outcome for patients.

Minimizes the risk of results that look artificial and obviously enhanced.

You will receive this cutting-edge technique at no additional cost with your breast augmentation.WHAT YOU WANTMost patients want to achieve a result that enhances their body contour, but still looks natural, and that’s what you want, too. Your successful outcome depends on selecting the most suitable breast implant type and surgical technique. But how are these determined?

At Edelstein Cosmetic, your plastic surgeon uses Dimensional Breast Augmentation, a formula that involves the following things:

Taking a variety of measurements of your original, pre-surgery body contour, including your height, weight, breast width, breast height as well the distance between nipple and breast fold. Skin elasticity may also be considered.

A discussion of your desired results.

The keen artistic eye and expertise of your cosmetic breast surgeon.

When the formula is applied, you’ll then receive a couple of implant options from which to pick the most suitable one for you.

DBA is designed to improve what you already have, thereby achieving a beautiful, natural-looking improvement that is proportionate.
NO MORE CONFUSION, BECAUSE YOU’LL KNOW WHAT TO GETOur patients have frequently said that Dimensional Breast Augmentation helped them through the pre-surgery planning process. DBA takes all the guesswork out of your surgery, which means you’ll be able to proceed confidently knowing that what you envision your results to be will be better actualized.WANT TO LOOK MORE THAN NATURAL?If you would prefer to look more enhanced, just talk to your surgeon. They’ll first determine what is natural-looking, then set a range that goes beyond that.




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