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Can You Lose Weight After Your Tummy Tuck in Toronto?

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

A common Toronto tummy tuck question is: will I lose weight after my procedure? The answer can be difficult to predict, and it’s different for each patient. Here, we’ll explain why people lose different amounts of weight after an abdominoplasty, (or none at all!)

Tummy Tuck in Toronto – Is It An Effective Weight Loss Tool?

Unfortunately, misconceptions persist, and some people are under the impression that if they are overweight, a the procedure will solve the problem. This is a cosmetic procedure designed to reshape the abdomen, remove excess skin, and repair separated abdominal muscles. Sometimes liposuction is included, just to help contour the waist. The procedure can’t reduce overall body fat and in fact, if you are overweight, you may need to wait before having the procedure. The ideal patient has lost their excess pounds and maintained a stable weight for at least 6 months. Many people who choose to have a tummy tuck in Toronto have not gained excess skin due to obesity, but because they carried one or more large pregnancies. As well, after childbirth, the separated abdominal muscles may remain somewhat apart which can cause a protruding belly.For those with a body mass index of 25 or higher, special considerations may be made. However, in most cases, plastic surgeons reduce health risks and increase patient satisfaction with outcomes when BMI is in a healthy range before surgery.

When You Remove Abdominal Tissue, How Much Does It Weigh?

The exact weight of skin and fat removed from the abdomen will vary so much between different patients that it’s impossible to assume. For a small-framed, thin person who removes a few inches of excess, the weight may be measured in ounces. For a larger individual with higher BMI and more skin laxity pre-op, the weight of tissue removed might be 10 lbs.Even when significant changes are made, the actual weight loss you’ll experience due to removal of tissue is not significant. What is significant is the tightening and slimming of the waist, flattening of the tummy and repair of muscles. People notice that their clothes hang after the procedure not because they lost so much weight, but because their surgeon has re-sculpted their shape.Another reason many people go on to lose weight once they’ve healed is that it becomes easier to exercise and move around comfortably once the extra rolls are gone. Even tight, work out clothes fit better, and their new-found confidence and body image allows people to get out and get moving.Note* You might even gain weight for a short time after your surgery. Don’t be alarmed; it’s normal to retain water-weight following a surgery and while your tissues are swollen.

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