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With over 16 years of experience in the medical aesthetics field, Alex Billard is our office manager. She has dedicated her career to making people feel good about their appearance and themselves. Her experience extends beyond a management capacity, as she is also a certified medical laser technician.

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    A passion for medical aesthetics

    Alex’s passion for advanced medical aesthetics is partly attributed to always have being immersed in environments that foster wellness and health; in fact, she spent a majority of her childhood at her mom’s business: a gym! You will find Alex to be friendly, approachable and courteous, qualities with which she is naturally gifted.

    What I enjoy the most is seeing the incredible impact cosmetic surgery has on our patientsAlex Billard

    Out of the office

    Once a competitive figure skater and ballerina, she now enjoys hitting the slopes to ski and snowboard. Alex is also an avid movie buff, art lover and world traveler.

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