Maintain Your Botox Results with These Anti-Aging Tips

Getting Botox done can be a big decision but, in the long run, patients who have Botox are always impressed with the results. Keeping those results, however, is a whole different challenge. While Botox is known to reinvigorate skin and improve elasticity, maintaining your younger-looking skin takes some forethought and dedication.

So, now that you’ve had Botox, how can you keep your new, younger look? Let’s look at a few key methods of keeping yourself looking fresher, smoother, and smarter, for as long as possible!

Don’t Smoke

Do you smoke? Quitting straight away can ensure that you don’t suffer from premature aging of the skin, including wrinkling and jowling of the face. Cigarette smoke does horrible things to your body, but smokers will notice that their skin sags and wears much faster than your average person. You should consider quitting smoking before you even get your first Botox treatment!

Skip the Salt

Everyone knows that large amounts of sodium in your diet is detrimental to your health… but what you might not know is that it can also be detrimental to the health of your skin. Salt dehydrates every area of the body, and your skin is no different – because skin is so sensitive to hydration levels in the body, it’s one of the first areas to suffer from a large salt intake. Cut down on salt, and you’ll be ensuring the prolonged health of your skin.

Use Sunscreen

Sunburns can do awful damage to your skin, but your skin is at risk from the rays of the sun even when your skin isn’t feeling the burn. Even on cloudy days, the UV rays from the sun can age skin prematurely, causing sagging and wrinkles. The longer you stay out in the sun unprotected, the more wrinkles you’re likely to get down the road. Do the smart thing – always use sunscreen when headed outside.

Cut Caffeine

Almost everyone loves caffeine, but it could be playing a key role in the aging of your skin. Much like copious amounts of salt, caffeine dehydrates you, contributing to dry and/or wrinkling skin.

You don’t have to cut caffeine from your diet completely, but those who consume a large amount of caffeine each day will want to cut back to a healthy intake level. That extra cup of coffee might keep you awake, but it preys upon the elasticity of your skin.


While we all know we should exercise to improve and maintain our overall health, did you know that keeping fit will also keep up the youthful appearance of your skin?

It’s true – keeping healthy skin requires a dedication to, at the minimum, a small daily exercise routine. Doctors suggest doing enough exercise to keep your body in-shape, so that your skin will maintain elasticity for longer. Having a healthy body can stave off any additional sagging or wrinkling in your skin. Going for a jog or a bicycle ride could be the little bit of activity that helps you keep that rejuvenated look to your skin!




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