5 Commonly Asked Questions You May Have About Breast Augmentation Recovery in Toronto

Breast augmentation is the most common type of cosmetic surgery in Canada and the United States. This procedure is appealing to women for many different reasons, whether they’re looking to increase size, restore a more youthful appearance, or balance out asymmetrical breasts. If you are considering breast augmentation in Toronto, here are five questions (and answers!) that you may have about recovery from this in-demand procedure.

Will My Breast Implants Look Natural?

Your plastic surgeon will help you select the size and shape of implants that best suit your aesthetic goals. Your natural breast tissue and muscle will need time to relax over the implant, and with that in mind, your breast implants will appear high and firm immediately after surgery. Swelling from surgery will significantly reduce in the first week and following, and your implants will settle over 3-6 months into their final intended position.

When Can I Go Back To Work?

Breast augmentation in Toronto is an outpatient procedure, which means you’ll go home the same day as your surgery. You will most likely want to take off the first week, or longer if your job is physically demanding. Some patients will book their surgery for a Thursday and return to work on the following Monday, depending on how they feel. Accommodations from your employer may be requested if your job involves lifting.

How Can I Avoid Infection?

All surgery comes with some inherent risk of infection, but minimizing this risk ensures your best possible recovery:

  • For the first two weeks following your procedure, you should shower rather than bathe, and pat your incisions dry after washing with mild soap.
  • Avoid hot tubs and public swimming pools.
  • If you are a smoker,It’s best that youabstain from cigarettes and nicotine products if possible. Nicotine has a negative effect on the healing process, which can increase the chances of infection.
  • Do not wear bras that have underwire or any hard parts while your incisions are healing because they may cause damage. If you have any numbness around your incision sites after surgery, the risk of injury to your incisions is greater

Can I Sleep In Any Position With Breast Implants?

Once you have healed entirely from your procedure, you will be able to sleep in whatever position you prefer. However, for the first several weeks post-procedure, you’ll be advised to not sleep on your stomach to avoid straining your incisions or pressing on the healing implant pockets. Some patients practice this before their procedure by using extra pillows to prevent themselves from rolling on to their stomach in their sleep. Others acclimatize to this restriction only when it’s required and then return to their preferred sleeping positions after their surgeon gives them the go ahead. Rest assured, rolling onto your stomachunintentionally is not likely to cause injury.

How Soon Can I Have Sex?

Toronto breast augmentation patients are advised to wait three weeks before resuming sexual activity. As with cardio exercise, sex can elevate your heart rate and blood pressure, which is risky too soon after surgery. Your surgeon can advise you when it’s safe to resume any type of vigorous activity, and after you have the go-ahead to have sex, take it slow, and proceed as you feel comfortable.




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