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5 Things To Consider Before Doing Your Breast Augmentation Toronto

Breast augmentation in Toronto is one of the most popular ways to safely and permanently increase breast fullness, improve shape and enhance cleavage. Today, the choices for implant type, size, and method of augmentation have evolved so much that the average person can completely customize their procedure, creating the body proportions they’ve dreamtof. What are the most important things to consider when planning your Toronto breast augmentation?

1. Breast Implant Size And Projections

The options have never been better. Idustry leaders in breast implant development have created hundreds of sizes to fit all body types and desired looks. The implants available not only vary in diameter to fit the specific dimensions of each woman’s chest, but the fullness and projection can suit your style too. Projection refers to how far forward an implant projects from the chest. On the fuller end of the spectrum, implants can appear rounded and curvy, with fullness at the upper and lower breast. The lower projection options show less at the upper chest and don’t push forward as far. The best decision-making includes your plastic surgeon’s keen eye, existing measurements, and your goals.Yourbody proportions, natural breasts,and many other factors will affect how an implant looks.Take your time and consider all of the options that your surgeon provides you with,so you receive the best fit for you.

2. Incision Route

Many women aren’t aware that they may have multiple options for incision placement. As well, some people are convinced that a particular route is best before they’ve met with a plastic surgeon. There are a few great options, and there may be one or more that are perfect for you.

Inframammary- this placement is just under the breast, in the natural fold where the breastmeets chest wall. This spot is by far the most popular and carries many benefits. One is that the small scar is completely hidden in a bra or swimsuit and even bare, only visible if the breast is lifted and one looks closely.

Periareolar- This option involves an incision partway around the lower, outer edge of the areola. For those who have a distinct difference in areola pigment versus breast skin tone, this location can be an excellent way to camouflage the scar. People with petite breasts that have no natural crease may prefer this route. However, areola size can limit the possibilities.

Transaxillary/armpit- this route provides the option of having no scar on the breast itself. The smaller the object, the easier this method will be,however, silicone gel implants can be placed through this route. Limitations may include the volume of implant chosen. Talk to your plastic surgeon about the pros and cons of this option as they pertain to you and your goals.

3. Placement of Implants

Breast enhancement is customizable. Just like one size does not fit all, one approach to implant placement isn’t best for all either. Implants can be placed either partly underneath the pectoral muscle, or, over the muscle but under the breast tissue. Submuscularis a popular choice for primary breast augmentation in those with firm breast tissue or in conjunction with a lift. There are times when sub mammary, ‘overs’will offer a better result, however, or when it will be most practical for a person’s lifestyle. Your plastic surgeon will guide you through the pro’s and cons.

4. Consider Breastfeeding

Potential patients should knowthat many women with breast implants go on to have children and breastfeed with no issues. For some, the skin will stretch and retract poorly; others maintain their full beautiful breasts through multiple pregnancies. The possibility for breastfeeding depends on your pre-existing anatomy, and whether you choose an incision around the areola. More often in cases of circumareolar breast lift or breast reduction, trauma to the ducts can interfere with function. Though this is a lower risk through peri-areolar approach, you should discuss your plans and concerns with your plastic surgeon before making your choice.

5. Consider Preparation For A Pleasant Recovery

It’s easy to get excited about your new figure, ditching the old bras and getting ready to love your new look, but have you considered the reality and restrictions of a recovery period? After undergoing your breast augmentation in Toronto, you can socialize and complete simple tasks,but you’ll need to schedule alternative care for children and pets for at least the first week. Get help for strenuous activity like household cleaning, yardwork or heavy lifting. Many patients can return to light office work only a week after their surgery, but try to consider the nature of your work and how much you use your chest and arms daily. Planning ahead will ensure you get optimal results and a stress-free recovery.

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