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5 Top Breast Augmentation Facts

Which Types Of Implant To Choose From?

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, it is important that you go in with a clear understanding of what to expect. Since there is a lot of information as well as misinformation available on the internet, you need to have a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon to help you separate the facts from the myths.

Here are five facts that you should know about breast augmentation before you decide to have the surgery.

Fact #1: Cooperating with your surgeon will help to ensure best results

Good cosmetic surgeons always have their patients’ best interests at heart. Before going forward with any type of surgery, do some research and find a surgeon you feel comfortable with.

Like all types of surgery, breast augmentation has some risks. In order to minimize these risks, you need to cooperate with your surgeon and follow his advice both in preparation for the surgery and during your recovery and follow up visits.

Fact #2: Patients need to have realistic expectations

The more realistic you are with your expectations, the better the chance is that you are going to be happy with the results. Different types of implants are made to solve different types of problems, but there is no implant that solves them all.

Also, since every woman’s body is different, it may not be realistic to assume that your surgery will give you the same results that your neighbour, your sister or your co-worker got. It is helpful to look at before and after photos of women with similar body structures, but even with these, there is no guarantee that your results will be exactly the same.

Fact #3: Incision sites will vary between patients

Incisions for breast augmentation can be made in various places including underneath the breast, near the armpit, or around the nipple. The site of the incision can affect the final appearance including the look of the cleavage and the positioning of the implants.

Because of this, it is important to work with a surgeon who has a keen aesthetic eye, and determine the right incision site for your surgery.

Fact #4: The size of the implant cannot be directly correlated with bra size

The same size of implants can produce different results for different women because their bodies are different. It is therefore important that a surgeon can properly size a woman for the correct implant for her desired results.

This fact, speaks again to the importance of choosing a surgeon who is well experienced in breast augmentation surgery.

Fact #5: Implants are not permanent

On average, you can expect your implant to last approximately 15 years. Even if you are lucky enough to have your results last beyond this point, they will not last forever.

Other factors that may impact the appearance and position of implants are the natural changes that a woman’s body will go through during her life as a result of aging, pregnancies, hormonal changes etc.

If she wishes to maintain the results of her breast augmentation, the surgery will have to be repeated at some point.

Breast augmentation can be an incredibly rewarding experience for women, as long as they are first informed about the facts. For more information contact the office of Edelstein Cosmetic.


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